A cartoon me... how vain

For an upcoming project I need to create a 3D version of me, which is nice. Anyways, I finished the head.

All feedback welcome:




PS Please go gentle; I only started with blender about two weeks ago!

I bet you followed the pixar eyes tut :stuck_out_tongue:
For 2 week’s worth of blending, that’s a good start.
We’ll leave the ears and the mouth as they are, but try to make the face less flat; a human face isn’t flat!
You did a good job not showing the entire cornea of the eye; many beginning artists overlook that one and as a result there eyes are less realistic, but you didn’t.
Also, maybe adjust the bridge of the nose. The bridge of your cartoon-self’s nose is too straight. Take a good look in the mirror :wink:

Those are my comments.

Keep it up!

Ha ha, yeaaaaah, I did follow the tut. But it was convenient really, as it was the look I wanted. And there happened to be a tutorial. Thanks for the other input. I wanted a straigher bridge but perhaps you’re right. Tweaking awaits…

can i see a picture of you to see if it even looks like you

I’ve been using Blender for about five weeks, and I can hardly do anything like that. That’s a great start!

The Mr. Incredible nose, Pixar bug eyes, and flat toon face are cool -but the big dent in your forehead should go. :slight_smile:

Maybe scoop out those ears just a bit more too.

Edit: But there’s no rules in toonland. You might like the dent.

2 weeks! Progressing much faster than I am on the toonage. Realism (crappy looking realism) keeps creeping into mine. Even when I start with drawings. Gotta focus, no doubt.


@Rank: No! :smiley: I’m very shy. But it’s a decent likeness
@Larry: Mr. I., Pixar eyes, Flat face. Yep all I wanted :slight_smile:

I don’t want the dent - am working on it, and the things mentioned by Charlesworth!

So I spent the last day tweaking and tidying the mesh / lighting and so on. Now he REALLY looks like me!


FYI: This is a very grainy, horrible shot I took quickly with my webcam for your comparison:


This is great! You’re very observant, you got every detail right (from what I can see in that webcam pic lol :D)