A Cartoon Sheep!

Something I’m working on. Plan is to upload this to shapeways and get the model printed (hence the solid fur). Still need to work on the displace modifier a bit around the ears and mouth. This is the first organic character model I’ve done, Venom’s Lab 2 has been a huge help to me here.

What do you think?

You did a good job, I think making the fur more rounded around his body would add more appeal to the character.

Hehe. That`s a cute little character. I think that the wool should be more fluffy. The proportions looks more like the proportions of a dog than of a sheep.
Take a look at this cartoon sheep.
I suppose you want to create your own sheep but always try search some reference photos.
Good luck with this, and show us how the model will look like after you print it. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the feedback guys. Agree that the body looks more dog-like than sheep like. I did use reference, had a mixture of real life sheep and cartoon sheep, but should have gone with a more rounded body. Has been sent off to be printed now, so too late to change, but I’ll be sure to upload pictures when the model arrives. Exciting!