A Case of Mistaken Identity - Surely you too must have been Coppered ?

There has been some “filler shortie stories” in our local (population in millions) newspaper about some embarrasing moments when folks mistook a total stranger for a friend/relative and did something silly like making faces at them. And that is where I got the idea for this thread, so I have referenced my source for plagerisms’ need. So there! Well fess up here please your embarrasing moment now!.
I got done well when I was a really small kid and mistook a man for a relative. Fortunately he was a relative as well, so with a bit of good fast talking I got out of that embarrassing situation, even though he probably guessed what the story was. I was never good at telling fibs then, or am now.
But the good lesson I learnt then, was to check and double-check if they are who they seem to be. And and far as I can recollect, I haven’t been snapped in the embarrassing situation since. Having a serious straight-up “Yes Sir, No Sir, Three Bags Full Sir” personality also helps. These days folks see me before I see 'em, like once my ex-boss from whom I resigned a month earlier. I could plead eye-sight problems then, but I got laser eye surgery some months earlier so there goes my excuse for not having spotted them quicker these days. And fortunately for me, I can blend in rather well, but even so this happens every now and then, and in a reverse way it seems.
For example, I have been confused with my dopple-ganger/s lots. Whoever this person/s is/are, I’d love to meet them as I can be friendly, within reason ofcourse. So in other words, total strangers have asked me strange questions . . . which I have learnt to respond in turn with something appropriate.
But enough about me . . .