A caterpillar


This is part of a surreal animation i’m doing for my art class. What i want for the caterpillar for the moment is an idea of how to rig it before i begin modelling it. This became a rather huge problem during a previous part of a project

what i want to happen is quite simple. It’s a flying caterpillar that i want to swirl around easily and organically. I can’t find a tutorial anywhere that does this specifically, especially something that you can just drag around.

i’ve included a very simple blend of all i’ve gotten done, i plan to use the blocks as a mesh deform for the various pieces, and i don’t know if this will cause problems, or if there’s an easier/prettier way to do this. Also, it doesn’t just drag around.

i’ve included a really REALLY quick sketch of the caterpillar in case it helps.

HELP! thanks in advance


Caterpillar.blend (127 KB)

Actually figured out how to do it using zero grav softbodies thanks to http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?t=114723
will keep updating progress for more in depth critique of modelling/rigging

the only software ive ever seen that allowed real time mouse dragging of objects with updating colisions and rigging is an engineering program called autocad inventor… you set all constraints, slides and variables and then you have proper manipulatable objects - chains, gears that rotate each other… i made a basic internal combustion engine for practice once, but if you find anything for what you plan, i would love to know… so i’ll watch this thread to see how it progresses… good luck