A cellist

Hi all ! I’m preparing an animation, in which she’ll play the cello.
But I don’t know how to play this instruement. Haha…
C & C are welcome. :smiley:


Firstly - it’s Cellist
secondly - it’s Cello
thirdly - your image is broken

If you want to see how it’s played look for videos of Yo-Yo Ma (http://www.yo-yoma.com/) he’s commonly held to be one of the world’s greatest cellists - with good reason.

hope that helps.


Ah, there’s the image. Okay - first round of crits - the finish on the bottom curve of the cello is too reflective. Shiny is okay, but they’re not really that reflective. The ones that are polished more catch the light and disperse it like a subsurf scattering effect. Secondly, the bow looks too long, either it’s an effect of perspective or it’s really too long. Thirdly and finally (for me anyways) you’re missing the rubber ‘Foot’ that is usually on the foot peg. It keeps the cello from slipping out from under the player’s hand when they play. A small detail, but other than that, nicely done.

One other detail I notice - the bow is in the wrong place - should be between the bridge and the neck, not over the neck.

Hope this helps


Taladan. Thank you for the info. To my shame, I’ve mistaken. :expressionless:

Very nice work so far - I like the mood and the particles, I guess this looks very dreamy in the animation.

My crits: The stone texturedoesn’t fit - it looks too flat and too repetitive, I think there should be another texture on the floor, but I guess this is just a test environment… if not, it’s too bright in this cellar.

I think her legs look a bit ‘heavy’ compared to the gracile arms.

I’m looking forward to see more.

nice render. could you post the URL of your brick texture? it looks really realistic. thnx!

Thoro thank you. I’m glad to get your comment and crit.

emfrobia Sorry, I can’t remember the URL. If you do need this brick texture for your artwork,
I’ll share it with you. Please search google or send me PM with your e-mail adress. :wink:

very neat modelling, both the character and the instrument. nice render as well
you may want to tweak the halo a little, but its a really nice work