A chainmail OSL shader for Cycles

I made a chainmail shader in OSL and here is an image to show its use:

(the helmet isn’t historically acurate in any way, I just felt like making a pretty picture :slight_smile: )

The shader code along with the example node setup is of course available on my blog:



i tried it on a plane and get something strange
might be the scale i guess!

also do you remember the Hex one
is it possible to have one like that but with random location and a more rounded shape ?
i like the depth of these shapes
is there any way to redo that with proc texture in cycles ?


@rickyblender: scale might be the thing: in the example image I scaled the uv-coordinates with a vector mapping node by 30 or so in the x and y direction (the z direction doesn’t matter).

Regarding the random location and more rounded shape: I am not sure what you mean. Can you maybe draw a rough picture of what you have in mind to give me an idea?


if possible for a new OSL texture
i was thinking of a shape like bread with lot’s of deep holes in it
which looks a little like random holes which are more or less rounded like 1/2 sphere may be
or may be a combination of HEx and the Bacteria shape you did !
Some rocks might have this kind of texture too!

but need to give a nice look on a flat plane not only on 3D shapes

hope it is possible for a flat plane
many textures don’t work as well on a plane then 3D shapes!


if you know a way of doing this in cycles nodes that would be interesting