A CHALLENGE to the Blender Community

(Yeremyah) #1

I am encouraging a lovely thoughtful and giving person in the Blender Community to do a easy to follow basic video tutorial on Youtube for the public to see that Blender can create just as nice shader/textured text sitting on beautiful background as people are doing in Element 3D for example.

I had initially asked in PAID WORK for someone to do this, yet it didn’t work out.

There are some people in this world who are thoughtful for others, and investing lots of free time to help others for free. Hence you see a lot of youtube tutorials, hours+ from some people who do it for free to help others.

I am hoping someone here, experienced in Blender, can create a free video tutorial for beginners, something like the text below, so the public can get help with text and also see that whatever Element 3D etc can do with Text, so can Blender. Explaining each step and explaining what shaders or textures or backgrounds we need to get etc with a link to them in the description.

Thank you to the person who will take up this challenge :slight_smile:


(String Fairy) #2

I’m up to the challenge. :slight_smile:

(<== Lost? Click Me) #3

Tried searching
Blender text or
Blender intro
on youtube and clicking an appealing thumbnail?

(Yeremyah) #4

You are super Taylor :slight_smile:

Many people say Blender cannot do what Element 3D can do for example with text. Show 'em :wink:

Please make the tutorial easy to follow, slow paced, even for new beginners to Blender. Many people use text all the time for projects, will come handy.

(Yeremyah) #5

No LoboTommy, there are no recent Blender text like those shown above anywhere, with easy to follow video instructions.

The only program that shows that is Element 3D and Cinema 4D for example. Nothing for Blender, so no wonder people don’t think Blender can do it.

But I am hoping Taylor and others can create nice tutorials showing it is possible in Blender:)

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(String Fairy) #7

I think Yeremyah is looking for something with a bit more texture to it. Also there’s a lot of shading errors in the final render of the text there.

(<== Lost? Click Me) #8

So pick or modify or create a more textured material.

(String Fairy) #9

Well that’s what is being looked for as a video. One video.

(<== Lost? Click Me) #10

Trolling more like. One video sure. There’s a step from the above vid linking materials from blendswap. Pick a ‘more textured’ one instead and follow the rest to completion.

(Yeremyah) #11

That text is nothing like the photos I showed in original post.

Please take note of the original photos I posted. That “Faze” text and background is amateur looking compared to those.

I know Blender can do them, so I am excited to see someone show it:)

And please stay on topic, no need to make false personal attacks/accusations. And I am not sure why you are such an angry person. Just relax please, let someone else reply to me if this upsets you. Thank you.

(Yeremyah) #12

Yes you are right Taylor. If someone searched youtube for “3d Text”, they mainly see Element 3D software creating beautifully looking shader/texture text, sitting on gorgeous background.

We don’t see anything on youtube showing Blender doing that, hence, many don’t even know Blender can do it.

(FinalBarrage) #13

Moved thread to #jobs:volunteer-work

(FinalBarrage) #14

Alright just to clarify, Element 3D is not a 3D modelling tool, its a plugin for Aftereffects to bring 3D models into AE for compositing.

I also encourage you to do some research. What you’re essentially looking for is now to create materials in blender, because the text is just really basic modelling. Hop onto youtube and search Blender BLANK Shader Tutorial, and replace blank with whatever you’re looking for. Such as Gold, and Wallpaper in this case.

(Yeremyah) #15

If it’s possible to do in Blender similar results, It would be great to see someone make an easy to follow video tutorial to help the public as text always comes handy in projects etc.

I’ve not seen a single person release anything like those.

(FinalBarrage) #16

(FinalBarrage) #17

To get the pattern, search for tutorials for Bump maps, Normal maps, Displacement maps, and Baking.

To model the text, search Simple Blender Modelling Tools or something along those lines

(Yeremyah) #18

Ok, thank you FinalBarrage for your help:)