A CHALLENGE to the Blender Community

Pixelurge,that’s awesome…

Did you record a tutorial, and can I get the background texture etc please? :slight_smile:

OLG, l like the top one…did you record your screen?

Yeremyah, I didn’t for that example but super simple.

For the prior example:
One plane and two instances of the same font with different geometry settings to separate the layers.

The back text has a procedural black shiny texture (glossy shader with black color)

The front text has an image texture. So converted to mesh and then UV unwrapped using [ project from view ]

The plane has a simple anistropic shader.

If you have the materials already built in your library it is literally a 2 minute setup.

For example, here is a quick similar setup I used. It is exactly the same as the prior example. It really is about the materials you use and the style you want for the render.

Really simple material setup of one of my image textures.

Material for the back plane from the material library add-on.

Use the material library add-on. It already has a number of materials in the library and you can start playing immediately. Don’t forget lighting. Lighting will make or break an image.

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Can’t do it, would need materials and a video tutorial. Thanks anyway.