A character animation - Man From Borg

Hi, thanks for the answers. Irgeorge, I’m glad you don’t find the arm that bad…however I would like to get it fixed.

halfgaar: I did the lipsyncing by importing my audio strip into the sequence window. This can only be done in Blender 2.27 and up. I used 2.31. In the sequence window header go to Add>>Audio and select your strip. Then move it to where you want the audio to be in the timeline. Now when you press alt-a in the 3D window you should be able to hear audio playing, and when you move the timeline bar back and forwards you should be able to hear the audio scrubbing along. This makes it really easy tp match things with audio!

The next thing you must do is actually do the morphíng of the face. you can either do this by adding bones to his face, assigning them and moving them around, or you can as I did create the morphing with RVKs (stands for Relative Vertex Keys - it really means morph targets). To create an RVK, make sure you are happy with the basic head shape and go to Object>>Insert Keyframe in the 3D window header. Choose Mesh. Now the basic shape has been stored. Repeat the last step once more. Now a second shape has been stored, and if you enter edit mode now you will be able to change the shape of the second shape. In the Action Editor you can see the shapes as key 1, key 2 etc. change their names be holding the cursor over the names and press N.

Hope you got it…

Thanks monkeyboi. I didn’t know the sequence editor could do that. It’s time I started to make some animations :slight_smile:

And as for the vertex key editing, I know of the concept. I’ve never used it, but I know of it.