A cheap Watch made to look expensive?

(Yusuf Raja) #1

I have not posted in a looooong time, so yeah.
I decided to make a watch, for no reason, just wanted to light it.
So i got a cheap watch (£5 or so) and modelled it up.
Used lighting to try and make it as good as possible.
Any Thoughts?

PS. I know about noisy renders

(Yusuf Raja) #2

another version

(Yusuf Raja) #3

1k samples( tried all else, but this glass is horrid)

and a light setup…

(Yusuf Raja) #4

Didnt Like the orientation.

(Yusuf Raja) #5

Some tweaks…
Any tips to help with noise?

(Ghaell) #6

It’s hard to understand the whole image as it is, try to set up camera on different angle, something more interesting not so orthographic…
The glass is bad because there’s nothing to reflect, try to add a background image or perhaps an HDRI.

(Yusuf Raja) #7

The thing is, im trying to pull of a studio effect, so having a background image will ruin that effect,You’re probably right about the angle, Also the switch from reflection to non reflection might be a tad harsh. Thanks for the critique!

And, before i read that comment, i realised that turning refractive caustics ON made the image less grainy.

(Sammy1973) #8

As Ghaell pointed out, your image lacks depth. It looks very 2D at the moment.
Maybe the watch should rest on a glossy black surface or something. And give the wristband some texture, and/or more geometry.
Just some quick thoughts…

(Muhammed Softic) #9

I agree with the others.
Additionally type “blender light studio 2.1” into the youtube search bar and watch the first video, that might give you an idea of how to better tackle this situation. Hope that helps!

(Ghaell) #10

Also, there’s no need for an environmental HDRI, there’s a plenty of images over the internet that simulates this studio effect…
Try googling for “HDRI Studio Light Effect Download”…