A chess set of a different sort


Some people might be sick of seeing chess sets here, sorry for that. But this one I made is not the usual Staunton style pieces, so maybe there is some interest here.

This set is actually a replica of a set I own, which I purchased during a trip to Spain. I always thought that it would make a cool blender project to recreate this.

EDIT: I did a second render of this with some improvements, including removing the DoF. The old image is below.

Old image:

I used blender to model and yafaray to render.

P.S. I also posted this on the yafray forums, my apologies if you already saw this.

Awesome job! From your final image and your avatar, I can tell that the detail and texturing are really well done. The dof is well done, but really strong. It makes it look like the chess set is the size of a quarter.

Very well done, me like. The red pieces are a bit blurred, it might look better a bit clearer, but other than that, I can’t find much anything with it.

Awesome render.
I’m not sick of chess sets… Haven’t seen alot by the way.

Awesome, pretty much photoreal, I just think you should tone down the DoF a little bit and the table texture is a little too bumped, the chess board might use a little bit of reflection other than that…amazing!

Very nice image!

But I agree, you should turn down the DoF… and I think you should redo the table texture…

But man… your pieces are great!

I love this image. Very well done!

Hi everyone! Thanks for all your kind comments.

I knew I would get plenty of complaints about the DoF, but here’s my thinking on it. I was struggling with how to highlight the details on the front of the pieces while still keeping the context of the entire board and a bit of the surroundings. I thought the DoF would help make the white pieces more the center of attention even while the camera angle tucks them away a bit into a corner of the image.

So maybe the whole setup could have used a bit more thought. I don’t think that less DoF or no DoF would solve anything as it is, though.

It looks well done! Would also be great if you included a photograph of the set that you replicated this CGI from (for comparison purposes).

I’ve decided to make a version without DoF, but I’m changing some things around first.

In the meantime, here’s a photo of the actual set:

Well I’m no photographer, actually cameras hate me. I think I will stick to CG. :smiley:

Wow, very impressive modelling, it doesn’t look much different that the real thing!

Nice render !

What lighting method are you using for this picture? And how many time to render it?

I finished up a new render without DoF and with some other stuff changed around. It is now in the first post.

Thanks again for all the compliments on this project. I guess you could call this the first time I ever did anything like “character” modeling before, I usually do architectural type projects. I didn’t know if I could pull it off.

Gabich: I am using yafaray’s photon mapping GI, with area lights. Render times were 5.5 hours for the first, 3.5 hours for the second (the DoF took more time), on a mobile Core2Duo @ 2.8 ghz, 2gb ram, ubuntu 8.04 64 bit.

harhar, very impressive image. looks so real, i have noticed something though, the king piece (red) has no bump, was that intentional, all of your chess piece has bump on it and your king doesn’t have bump, well maybe its just me seeing things… ahihi

anyway, better check it out… nonetheless, awesome work! grats… :slight_smile:

Ack, you’re right! :eek:

I’ll fix that, but not until tomorrow. Boy, this project just won’t end for me…

Thanks for the heads up!

EDIT: Fixed now.

I think the new render needs some depth of field…just much more slight then the origional.