A childs toy (updated)


I was thinking of a idea for a challange on a Norwegian blendersite and this is what i came up with. The scene didnt take long to do but the rendersettings was a bit of a hassle because i have never used yafray like this before (yeah, its rendered in yafray).

I did alot of these long renders to see what it would look like, and i liked what i saw. This final render as you see here took 6 hours.

Let me know what you think

Updated: Brightned up in post-pro:


Original image:


Nice render marsan :slight_smile: it would have been cooler if hte toy mouse/elephant? had fur.

Looks great.
The hammer looks disproportioned. The head is too big for a child toys. Also the “nails” seem to be made from straight wood which would make it impossible for them to stick like that, they would slide right through. My daughter has the same toy and for nails they use plastic tubes that are shaped like splints so they stay in place but can be hit through the whole.
But this is just nit picking.
4* from me.

your render is goooooooooood but the ball is not good:) :frowning:

@musk: Thanks for your comment. I think you may have right about the hammer, it`s slightly too big. But how is the world without any overdramatizations. About the nails, i had a board like this when i was young, and i just realized that the nails had some verticals cuts in them. I may digg this up some time in the future, but for now i got enough of this scene. Thanks for the vote, never got one before :slight_smile:

@Punk_Buster: Thanks for your comment, what is so bad about the ball?

The “lack” of comments tells me that this must be a almost perfect render. My best yet.

First impression: the colors & lighting of the image overall is dim/grey looking. Should be brightened up - even just in postpro.

First impression: the colors & lighting of the image overall is dim/grey looking.

agree… :smiley: anyway, it still looks good.

The ball kind of looks like it floating. Depending on the type of ball it is, it may need a slight mirror effect, grooves where the clors meet, or some fuzziness.

i saw this pic before!
nice render

Did a testrender on the light. lemme know what you think:


i think it’s lit better than the first one…

For the fun of it, i rendered the same scene with blender internal to see what it would look like.