a chimera for my church

i’m making a gothic church…and i started with this chimera…as you can see i need lots of help making it better…and also i couldnt make a very good camera angle
C&C please

some more angles:

You’re off to a decent start. The legs need more definition; they look kind of rubbery. The whole pelvic area needs to blend better with the rest of the body. The abdominal muscles pop out too sharply. Widen them and smooth them.

what is a pelvic area? :expressionless:

link: http://img80.exs.cx/img80/6743/chimera2e.jpg

why didnt you just say “the place where the penis and ass are” :stuck_out_tongue:

(dont ban me for that post)

That’s basically what he meant but don’t get too excited about that :expressionless:

shiesh man…i’m making a demon thingy and the first thing you are looking at is the pelvic area? what a perv…

hehe…just kidding…going to sleep now…and after i’ll wake up i’ll improve it’s legs and ass! sorry…pelvic area

lol :smiley:

what a perv…

Ain’t it hard feeling comfortable critiquing that area? For future reference, pelvic is from pelvis, the bone that legs and spine connect at.

weee! i biologi lesson for free!

now time to go improve my…chimera…

something is still wrong…maybe he is not fat enogh? i dunno…http://www.2and2.net/Uploads/Images/texture%20chimera.jpeg