A church at sunset in the 18th century in Romagna - Pupi Avati Tribute

Hi everyone!
in the boredom of this sultry Emilian summer I decided to create a new work freely taken from one of the places mentioned in the film “The Arcanum Enchanter” by Pupi Avati, set in the Romagna (a part of Emilia-Romagna in Italy) of the eighteenth century.
In the scene I have reconstructed the parish church where the protagonist arrives, at dusk, after his escape from Bologna.

The references for the church, unfortunately very few, I have partly recovered from the frames of the movie and from a couple of photos that are on the net, unfortunately all with a poor quality.

Made in Blender 3.2 and rendered in Eevee.
Texturing: I used Substance Painter for the building, Blender for the rest. For the ground I used a series of PBR materials mixed in a new material and distributed with masks. In this way I was able to obtain good detail even at a short distance even on a large surface, also avoiding the tiles effect.
For the vegetation I used Botaniq while the accompanying assets I partially recovered from some works already done previously.

I used a medium contrast to emphasize the backlight of the setting sun and give more mystery and drama to the scene.

Hope you like it! :wink:
PS: watch the movie !!


Wow! :dizzy_face: So real! :+1:


I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Thank you Bart!