A Circle Moan

Why does the add>circle not align the verts to the x.y. If you want to work on a segment you need to get it so that grabbing in x or y works

I just dont understand why it doesnt aling a vertex diameter to one of the axis!!!

I might be miss reading your post, but you can align the circle by adding it in the top front or left view. I believe on the number pad, 1,3, and 7.

Does this help?

I think denshidan is referring to is illustrated here. (It bugs me too.) Following is an image of several concentric circles ranging from 24 to 12 verts. Each added from the top view, all centered the same. I have not rotated them, this is how they are added. In only two instances (in yellow) do the verts actually lineup on the Y axis.

I don’t have a fix, I always just rotate the circle until it lines up.

theses are not circles but polygones immitating a circle!

so don’t expect vertex to align it wont - cause it’s function of the angle of each segment or arc made by each segment !
the only way around it is to have circles with the same number of segment!


@Ricky, the trouble comes in when you want an odd numbered circle (or simple shape like a pentagon) that is oriented to a specific axis. You cannot create an odd numbered mesh circle from a Bezier or Nurbs circle.

One Idea I had is to add a plane, use Alt-M to merge it into one vert, drag that vert on the axis you want your shape aligned to (like Y) and then use Spin to make your circle. This will give you a perfect circle with the number of verts you want, with the original vert sitting perfectly on the Y axis.

sorry but can you show a pic i don’t see what you mean(
i got a go right now (so i be back later this night )


Thats EXACTLY what I mean :slight_smile:

The spin a vert idea works really well, thanks.
re the cirlce add: In some cases its easy to work out the exact angle to rotate a cicle, like a 6 or 8 point but as you show it doesnt put the more detailed ones in any logical place.
I guess I’ll have a go at making a script. If the new version is as customisable as rumored I probably will be able to set up an alternative button for my script.