A circus tents adventures...

(macke) #1

Right, so I said I wouldn’t post here anymore, but I figured this be pretty funny for you guys too, so here goes…

This is part comment on my work, and open discussion. This summer I made a poster for a company doing entertainment stuff, like circus tours and stuff. And they asked for a circus, so I did a circus, like so:


But when I had finished it, they told me they didn’t want it, and were going to ask some other guy to make it. And I said fine, considering they did infact pay me and all. But here’s what they got instead of mine:


Right, so I can agree that mine has a sort of icky point of view, and it maybe doesn’t really give that circus feeling to it. But I mean, look at that other shit! It looks like it was made with Raydream studio or something! Haha!

I’m sorry if I sound pretentious or whatever saying this, but come on, it’s pretty funny aint it? =)

And oh yeah, my pic was not done in blender, but in XSI!

(theeth) #2

First, I was gonna say that yours lacked a bit of the “circussy” color, but the other isn’t really better and has more of a colliseum feel to it than a circus look.

I guess it’s even funnier from your point of you, since they paid you for nothing in return and then got something not really better.

maybe the son of the boss did it in model-o-matic %|



(hannibar) #3

Funny indeed.

(Eric) #4

Haha, yeah very funny. Your pic maybe doesn’t have the ‘happy’ feeling in it (rather a warm emotional feeling), but man that other one really do suck :smiley:

(sten) #5

Hej Macke :slight_smile:

yeah, you showed me this long ago, and I can say,
the other poster looks like crap indeed

funny how you think grass is always greener on the other side,
but you did got paid anyhow, too bad your work/portfolio
wasn’t shared from them as a better masterpiece sigh

well, nice to see the picture again :Z

(IamInnocent) #6

Well there’s reading the client’s mind.
If success then there’s fitting one’s own mind into that frame : better not have too much originality then.

Your pic is gorgeous and totally “challenged” for this world. I’ve set it as a wallpaper for a little while just to let it melt into my core of inspiration.

Even if you behave like a darn diva most of the time I appreciate your contribution as always Macke. Don’t pout and keep them coming.

(macke) #7

Funniest part would be that the client actually thought it was perfect, and only had a few remarks. But just moments before I made those finishing changes I got the call saying that they were content as it was, and wasn’t going to use the poster anyway, but have someone else make it. As a matter of fact, their website was different back then too, it was made by my gf, and was quite classy and nice looking, but they changed that into this cornyness: http://www.flatgaroo.com/cmassimo

Oh my, maybe I should add a copyright tag ;oP

Charming, isn’t it ;o)

(Ecks) #8

Well here what I have to say:

You said: This is my last post and I’ll never post here again…then they don’t accept yours and they take a “uglier” version…and then you post here again so we can say that we agree with you that the other one suck more than yours…uhmmm…anyone feel something strange?

I’ll stop now cause maybe I could write some bad word to you so…

and in fact, yours is better than the other one but that’s not a reason for reposting here… :< :Z

(macke) #9

You know, should you have cared enough you would have found my post stating that and found that it infact did not explicitly say that I’d not post again, but MOST LIKELY not post again. If you want to make a flamewar out of that, go right ahead, I won’t participate in such sillyness though. I figured some of you might find the irony in the situation, and have a laugh at it, maybe even learn something.

(Goofster) #10

Dudes, just chill (not aimed at macke for a change)
the #1 cause of a flamewar is probably going on and on about something. Just leave it behind already.


(macke) #11

I think for once (ok, so I’ve done it more…), I’ll agree with you =)

(rogerm3d) #12

Yea well your pic is without a doubt better than that uh um :frowning:
but to an extent it dosnt have that happy fun feel of circus…

(seval) #13

Nice pic and never mind the bullocks.

(acasto) #14

Yeah, nice pic. Even though it dosn’t have ther circusy feel, it would make an excellent kind’ve outskirts evening cantina type of ad. Kind’ve looks like a great place to have a band and some drinks :wink:

(basse) #15

well, the other poster is so much smaller, that it’s impossible to say really, but taking a quick look, I can perhaps understand why they didn’t take your picture… it’s a nice picture, but instead of showing happy circus mood, it looks like something very sad and lonely.

the other poster has a lot bright colors, things happening, … it’s more alive.

it’s also a totally different style. I wouldn’t say it’s crap.


(NateTG) #16

don’t wanna start any wars, but what difference does it make? Its not like your pic is automatically better cuz it was made in xsi. Someone off the street is not going to say, “You know that poster was made in XSI, so I think ill go to that circus.” XSI can also make crap.

Use what suits you, no need to point out what it is.

I do like yours better than the other tho.