a city level

I working on a city level.
This is a good training to learn of making realistic things.
Maybe this will be a game at the future (a car racing game I think).
These are the first images.


Looks really cool! :slight_smile:
How many fps is this?

Looks great for low poly. For the Palm Tree along I give 5 ***** stars.

wow, looks really detailed, how many polys?

It’s So Awesome!!!

Wicked! I really really want to play this w/ a car!!!

can I see a screenshot of that car?

Looks like half life 2

Indeed great, a pro´s work…

Indeed a pro´s work.

I looks kind of post-apocalyptic, it would be perfect for an FPS!

an avi:

Looks really nice. Are the shadows real-time or are they baked on?

Ehh, it has one hour left, it’s only 33 MB, I have high speed internet, please put it on a site such as uploader.polorix.com

very awesome as usual endi! i’ve got a couple questions :slight_smile: did you use tileable textures for the buildings? or unwrap and texture them individually? another question, did you use fog or them newfangled camera nodes? one more question, can we see the lighting setup?

This looks like a great reference here. I’m learning allot just by watching. I think I’m going to find someway to place the words What Would Endi Do? somewhere where I can see it at all times. Hmmm.


Endi great work,I envy your artistic skills.:yes:

An antialiased filter would make your lvl look even better.But i dont think there are any for blender

Amazing, as usual endi.

They cylinder building is my personal favorite. Theres so much detail in those structures. Nice car also.

wow this is some amazing stuff, you are a true inspiration, please keep us posted. Just to be nitpicky that fish building looks like its missing railings between the pillars, or is it just a strange design?

Hey if you’re not going to do anything with it could you release it as a .blend?

It would be a great setting for a game.