A Collaboration Between The users on the SMC channel

Calvin And I were playing in a private room, on the website http://graffiti.playdo.com/
After playing for quite sometime we ended up with this…


Bob is Calvin
J was fried, but at the time of this screen shot had not done anything to the picture as you can tell by the blank spot to the left of his name…

It was loads of fun!


And here, is what fried and calvin did once I left!



Oh here are 2 more me and fried did…


and one more…

Looking kinda hmm nice

heh, i wouldnt mind joining in on one of that type of sessions my self, but it needs shockwave, witch im not sure if it exists for linux… does it? :confused:

edit: nope seems not to… :frowning:

Some more drawings :smiley:



AND… two more for the day:

This one was done by me and scabootssca, after he finally got Shockwave to work on Linux through Wine. :smiley:


hmm… ill have to try that, wonder what settings did he use… :confused:

Well It wasn’t that hard actually after some googling, After I installed wine I downloaded and installed the windows firefox, And then the windows shockwave. And after they were both installed i just ran the windows firefox and it worked. So I’ll se you there :slight_smile:

And Two fried and I did today!




guess ill fly off to downloading em then! :slight_smile:

why are they all so blurry?


because they use soft edge brushes! lol(though its possible thats all there is in that web-app)

And another.
fried did the very nice jet, and I did the awful plane xD


@basse, Felix_kutt is correct all the brushes are have soft-edges execpt for the heart and star shaped ones :rolleyes:

I should also join one of these sessions, but shockwave via wine firefox keeps freezing, and the app doesn’t reload the drawing yet :frowning:

We found a better drawing thingy http://www.iscribble.net/draw.html it has 3 layers, and it hasn’t crashed on me, unlike the other P.O.S program, just register and start illustrating.

screeny of what me and Marslyr did…

Another iScribble one with me and fried


'Course fried made the face xD


And Here is an iScribble made from Jaredu, myself, fried, Numarul7, and Firebird
firebird did the volcanno thing, I did the arm, and magnifying class, Jaredu did the anime with the sword, fried did the alien, and Numarul7 did the monkey/thing…


Was just testing the program… here is one I did on my own.