A collection of video tutorials for newbies

My former college instructor, Jonathan Ross, has posted several video tutorials for teaching Blender to his classes. I have been given permission to post a link to them for newbies. They cover many topics, such as the Blender interface, Blender basics, mesh modeling & tools, curves & surfaces, materials & lighting, and animation & rendering. Jonathan points out that these are a work in progress and he will be updating the videos to keep up with recent versions of Blender. (I believe he uses v. 2.41 in the tutorials).

The videos are in .wmv format, but I think most people should be able to play them with VLC media player. Here’s a link:

Also, there are other video tutorials that people might find useful, such as for Audacity, Flash, and Wings3D.

I hope these prove useful to new users of Blender and digital media in general. Enjoy~

His name was really Jonathan Ross? (If you’re not from the UK Jonathan Ross has a TV show on a friday night, he’s pretty funny) I count as a newbie, so I’ll check it out (this is also my first post) thanks for the link.

Excuse my ignorance but I never heard of the TV Jonathan Ross. :slight_smile:

Looks promissing,but i cant’t play the vids,i only get sound.I tried QT,Flip4Mac,VLC,WMP all up to date.I’m on OSX 10.3.9.

Any suggestions what i can try next?


Really? Hmm, I’m not sure why. I don’t have access to a Mac so I can’t test it… sorry.

I’ve taken a look at a couple of these so far, and they are pretty good. I especially like that they are short and target specfic tools or methods.

The WMV format is a bit of a pain on my older computer (haven’t found a codex that will install on Win 95/98) but works fine on newer PCs. Haven’t seen them on Macs yet, but am working on it, and will post details when(if) I get it working.

Only a few complaints: the sound quality gets scratchy in places, which is not a real drawback, since it’s still understandable.

More substantively though, sometimes Ross glosses over explanations by saying “just like we did it in Wings” which makes sense for students who’ve already studied Wings but can leave complete beginners hanging.

Yes, I understand what you mean, I noticed the problem with the sound in some places too. Keep in mind that these are a work in progress and Jonathan will be redoing some of these videos. Also, these videos are really aimed at his students, so you might notice him talk about certain “class assignments”, or the “book”, which is probably the Blender 2.3 manual.

As far as him saying “just like we did in Wings 3D”, he is probably referring to the video tutorial he posted in the Wings 3D section of the video tutorial page. So if need be, people could watch that one too to get a better understanding of what he means.

I personally haven’t finished watching all of these videos, because there are a lot, but I think what I have seen so far is pretty good. Granted, experienced Blender users might find his explanations a bit slow & clumsy, but I think they can still teach new users some useful skills.

I recently dfecided to try and get into Blender and stumbled upon this topic. The videos are great and very informative. The audio does crackle and is sometimes impossible to hear but other than that I find that the videos make complete sense(this coming from someone who has never touched 3d modelling before)

Good! I’m happy they were of some use to you! :smiley:

Videos are first rate.

The Blender interface is about as ‘easy to use’ and ‘intuitive’ as the cockpit of a jumbo jet. I think these video’s are the minimum flight training required to get Blender off the ground. They really point out the necessity to have both a middle mouse button and a mouse wheel. And probably a background in 3D graphics.

I’ve no 3D graphics background, neither of my two computer systems has a middle mouse button. My laptop is even missing a mouse wheel! I’m not sure I’m tall enough to be able to ride the Blender ride. But that’s a thought for a different thread.

These videos are first rate. I hate it when I bookmark something and then find out later that the site or page is no longer in existence. I saved them to my desktop, I want them around <period>. I’ve got lots of other Blender bookmarks.

I’ve no 3D graphics background, neither of my two computer systems has a middle mouse button. My laptop is even missing a mouse wheel!

For what it’s worth, I had no 3D background when I started Blender, I never use the middle mouse button (actually, Ieven when I have a middle mouse button, I use Alt+LMB out of habit) and most of my Blender work is done on a laptop without a mouse wheel (NUM+ and NUM- does the same thing)… in fact, I don’t even have a proper separate number pad on it…

The point is, you can get used to working without these things, but it takes some practice. Although I admit that a number pad and a mouse wheel are very nice to have.