a coloring question?

im such a newbie… im not quite sure what im asking…
basically, for example, if you have two cubes in the window, how would you color one of them say, green, and the other red? whenever i try to color something it applies that color to the whole model. i think it has something to do with unlinking things. what im trying to color is this wolf… im starting at trying to make only the nose black.



well, you can make material groups, but I would reccomend UV mapping. Then you can just paint him using the texture paint tools. This involves making ‘seams’ to define how your UV coords will ‘unwrap’, then unwrapping, and then you can start painting. It’s a little more complicated than some types of texturing, but well worth it to take the time to learn.

you can select the faces that make up the nose, create a new material and assign it to the faces. Pretty easy to do in 2.49, but a little trickier in 2.5+.