A Comet Tale - Animated Short

Hello all,

This is my first post. I’ve only been devoting some real time to Blender over the past five months or so. This short started out as an animation exercise that quickly went haywire. I was practicing with the MTI White Nelb rig in different situations…and it kind of grew into something on it’s own. I had no script and no idea where I was going.

A warning if you decide to watch…the animation is rough and there are no fancy textures, shading, nodes or anything like that. I deliberately kept it simple to keep render times down. Thanks for your time.

In case the embed doesn’t work…

Looks good man. Did you use nla editor or just timeline animate the whole thing?

Thanks, DownbeatV. I used Sony Vegas Movie Studio HD for editing (which would allow me to render in Blender as PNG files and import as an image sequence) and for some chroma key effects that my elderly computer couldn’t handle through Blender.

Thanks for watching.

I loved it man. Had some slow moments. But I thought you demonstrated a great ability at timing and story telling. The animation was a little rough (like you said) but over all it was brilliant. Great use of sound effects and music. To quote Palpatine “We will watch your career with great interest”.

Do you have plans for any other shorts?

Hi, Steve and thanks.

There are places where I wished I tightened things up but it’s all a learning experience. I do have plans for other shorts and the next one actually has a finished script. But, I may do some real short bits to work on my animation before I begin (if any of those are watchable, I’ll post them).

Thanks again.