A Common Misconception Explained: Nerds, Geeks, and Dorks

Most people use the terms “nerd” “geek” and “dork” wrongly. Scratch that, almost everyone does. Many people think that a geek and a nerd is the same thing, right? WRONG!!! This is so wrong it makes me sick. Of these three outcasts there is the good, the bad, and the ugly. Want more? Then read on my friend, read on.

The Good

Geeks – Geeks only get a bad name. Geeks are only the smart, the computer enthusiasts, the power users, the gamers, the modders, the ones with the “I’m smart, and I don’t give a…” attitude. We geeks (Yes, I say we as in I’m one too) are to be proud of who we are, for in a world of ever-advancing technology, the ones who know now will be great tomorrow! GEEKS ARE THE FUTURE!!!The Bad

Nerds – Nerds are the ones we geeks despise. If you think you’re a nerd, reconsider your life. Nerds are NOT necessarily smart, and they suck. Nerds are the ones who will do anything to be “cool” or “popular”. They can’t see the big picture beyond high school. They just want to be “someone” now. Nerds are not cool.
The Ugly

Dorks – Dorks are the nasty guys that aren’t smart, clean, very bright or anything else for that matter. They have NO sense of style (which, by the way, geeks and some nerds do…). They always have stains on there shorts, not many friends, they lie a lot, etc. But be nice to dorks, at least they’re not nerds…So, which one are you? Decide and post a reply of praise, hate, love, deceit, or anything else your heart desires.

Hmm…I always thought they were organized like this:

Geek: Computer whiz. Can fix Windows like it’s made of Lego.

Nerd: Obsessed with something. Wears those plastic Spock ears at the conventions.

Dork: Socially inept. Garfield’s Jon Arbuckle.


Toomai: You’re right, but geeks aren’t JUST with computers, nerds are usually obssessed with being popular, and I forgot to mention that dorks are SI. Sorry.

NurbNerd: I dont get it. I’m a total computer/gaming/music geek. And I hope your name is just an alliteration…

yes, an alliteration.

You also need to mention that SOME nerds (the better ones) are wannabe geeks. These are the script kiddies.

Gamers? Modders? Smart? Future? Hm… no.

Hey, you can get paid quite well to play video games and test them out. Modders can get paid to find ways to mod a game, so a game company can try to make a game unmoddable. Smart? Have you ever tried to mod a game well? It takes brains. Future? Think of all the tech jobs out there. EVERY SINGLE ONE OF THEM WILL BE TAKEN BY A GEEK.



What’s the point of this? This is just your opinion. As far as I’m concerned your nerds are my jocks and your dorks are what we around here call a person with disabilities.


Whoops, so much for being a “geek.”

And for your information, your definitions are pretty far removed from normal definitions.

  1. Game testers usually make minimum wage. Maybe 0.01% will make slightly more than minimum wage.

  2. Modders don’t make money. They do if they get a real job, but just modding doesn’t bring in any money. And companies don’t want to make games unmoddable.

So much misinformation and double posts ITT. Toomai’s definition is the “correct” one.

He’s just trying to justify being a geek, actually. That’s the point of the topic. All the definitions are… lacking validity…

mikel_panky, take this test and report back the results. I get 24.26036%

[Edit] Take this one also. My score. (52 % Nerd, 73% Geek, 52% Dork, just took it again.)

I would say your definitions are fanciful fabrication, but meticulous nonetheless.

I call myself a geek but admit that I don’t know what I’m talking about.

Got 11.045% geekish tendencies, since when is wanting to take over the world geek?

I got about 22 percent.

snelleeddy: Ever seen Pinky & The Brain?

EDIT: Problem with the test, it didn’t mention MYST games at all. They’re geeky.

omg i actually did that, should net me an extra 5% on top haha. but it gave me a 32.34%

geeks are notorious for serious delusions of grandeur