A compact digital camera: S700


I’ve modeled this this weekend. There are some things that require more love, but for the moment I am stuck.
How do you think should i present the model ?
Black background ? No background ? Grey studio environment ?


Here are 2 views of the front.

There is no post pro at all.


Great materials! The model looks great and I like the dark background the most, but maybe some fill light would help the model not looking excessively dark, as it appears now.

The top two backgrounds look better to me. Agreed with VanPelt, needs some more lighting.

Great looking renders. And clean model. Good job.

Thanks for the kind words !
You are right: I’ve added another source of light, and it is better now. Don’t you think ?
I’ve also added a bit of eye candy in the GIMP.


Lighting is much better, the lens flare doesn’t fit though and is really really distracting. Nice model though, like the detail that was revealed with the new lighting.

Now this is awesome!
It looks so pro. Great change. You should post it on blendernation and on the finished projects. It could be featured.

auminium is really good on lens. can you show the material? nodes?

@mrmagician: yep, maybe you are right about these flares. I got carried away ! The new lighting allows to see the details of the buttons, that’s nice.
@AlinB: Thanks ! A little place up there would be a dream, but I doubt it will happen !
@Kramon: there is absolutely nothing in there to be honest. Just a stupid glossy shader. There is also a displacement map with fine rings (8/mm) on the face ends of the lens “cylinders”. Really dead simple. Talking of which i can see some faceting on the middle cylinder:confused:

Can’t get rid of the faceting … I don’t know what is going on…

Here is another version: less flare, some minor tweaks. Do you think it is finished ?


And the white version…


This last one is the best image so far. In the black camera the reflection of the lens housing on the body looks like lens flare.

Hey again ! The last image looks very nice because of the contrast with the background. However, I would suggest yo do something about the visibility of the leather-like material (where the film is placed), because it looks like a black blob in the middle of a beautiful image.
Best of luck :slight_smile:

I’m actually more fond of the black camera, but of course I’ve never liked white electronics so that’s my bias :slight_smile:

Oh really ? I like the white one best. But maybe because it gives me the impression i own another camera, not my usual outdated black S700 !
I think andyio is right: the leather-ish grip is too dark. I have to re-do that, and I’ll call it finished.
Thanks !

hi. would you mind upload a screen shot from the material panel specially from metal parts please ?