A complain about ESC=Stop Rendering

I have sincerely to complain about the extreme ease with which you can stop an F12 rendering, simply pressing the ESC key (regardless which context you are at the moment).
I have just lost 35 precious hours rendering because of this and I not even realized when (and it’s not the first time, I know, I’m a moron).
Coupled with the fact you can’t restart the rendering this is catastrofic.
To stop a final rendering is a so seldom used command that could, should be less accessible without any cons. On the other hand, inadvertedly to lose hours, or even days, of rendering, is a heartbeat.

I sincerely hope developers would carefully consider this issue.


I don’t know about you, but I cancel rendering all the time… especially while working. Of course, I’m also rendering animations, so I almost never have a single frame that takes hours/days to render… and I can always resume at the last frame that was rendering.

I guess you won’t do that again in a hurry.
There are always times when errors are made. The trick is, unless you want to stop a final render, don’t touch anything.
You could if it really troubles you, disable this key in userprefs, but my first comment is the best solution.
Final Render should be just that. final, finished, nothing more to do, press render then let blender run & do it’s work.
I often minimize Blender for final renders, so the temptation is not there to mess things up.


I was cooking the rendering for the Andrew Price’s contest, maybe I’ll not have enough time to finish.:frowning:

Thanks you for the advices Fweeb and Meta-Androcto, and for the workaround, and empathy; I actually realized how much dangerous can be such shortkey, (you should consider how hight is the cost), and I was not content to simply find a personal solution without reporting about it.
I still think it should be at least context sensitive.


EDIT: I can suggest even a modal mindow asking “are you sure…?” before stopping without escapes.

has some merit for final renders. Perhaps one more button, the Final Render button with no ESC cancelling?

BTW, if it’s a cycles render, you could probably render a few hours more a second time and combine with what you already have? Unbiased progressive renders actually do that as they go.

Don’t take this the wrong way, I’m aware this subject is not funny in any way - but that is actually very funny request considering the Blender devs for years & years refused to implement a similar popup when closing Blender, a behavior that is standard in all applications in the planet since forever (almost)… ;D

Yes, but you have to specify a different seed, otherwise you’ll get the exact same results…

Thanks namekuseijin and Gwenouille, it’s a good suggestion. Sadly, in spite of the 35 hours spent, it was still too grainy to be mixed with any success.

Farmfield, I kow it’s a long debated question, but IIRC, there was a time in which it was seriously considered by devs to add such advise to the Close Window command. Anyway, there’s still time to change if it can go better.


Edit: I started a new rendering, and I have hidden the program…:yes:

You have to re-render the frame with a different seed and mix the second image with the first one proportionately to how many samples each image got.

If the result is too grainy, it would have been just as grainy had you rendered the total number of samples for just one image.

How many sample did you get in 34 hours?

No, just kidding. 34 hours seems so long. I’d be curious !

Rocketman, I’m aware of this method, and I used it couple of times, but it 's convenient only to resolve fireflies, because with different seeds they are every time in different places. This method can be feasible also at a previous stage, maybe adding several images, though, if you stop the time too early (as would be my case) you can mix whatever number of rendering, they will always average to a defocused image.

I think they were about 150…:eyebrowlift2:


Gwenouille, seriously, nothing to kid about…grrrr …:smiley:
It come like that. after adding lights and materials and all the stuff I realized I liked it (there are a bunch of volumetric shaders, and dispersive glasses, and caustics). When I attempted to optimize, neither clumping glossy, nor filter glossy, nor other trick, was able to reduce time without too meny losses in quality. As I esteemed the time could be enough, I started the rendering to get the best result. Now, I can see that maybe it was a bad idea.


EDIT. furthermore, I’m doing my best to avoid to composite the final rendering, it’ a my fixation, with Farmfield and others we have already discussed about it…

EDIT 2: I have even made a ‘hole’ positioned very near to the camera, so to get vignetting without compositing…

Maybe you should consider using a render farm then. Amazon EC2 seems affordable, I could be wrong, but A week of rendering on one computer can be done in half a day on 20 computers.

I have to say a big thank to you all, Guys, because your questions made me go and look again at the integrator settings, where i discovered that Bounces was all set to 128!!, don’t ask me why.

So now all goes muuuuch quick!

yeah, I said it just before, I’m a moron.

@niverik2k, thank you for the good interest, luckily, this time I can do without.


Edit: … and not even I was asking for help… very HAPPY!

So you’re in good company. ;D

Yeah, we are a lot!


I still can’t see how one accidently presses esc, I don’t think I have ever pressed any of those top row keys by accident because the are separated from the other keys. But than again I touch type so perharps I just don’t press them because of muscle memory.

Although I pay attention to not press ESC while I’m waiting for renderings, if I just distract for a while, it turns out that I press it because I’m used to use it very often and in become automatic at a certain point.

Maybe it’s only my habit wrong.


That’s curios, I have the exact opposite problem; every time I need to stop a render it takes ages to stop… :slight_smile: