A complicated project--continent rising out of ocean

Hi all! I haven’t visited the forms in a while and I have a question for your all… here’s what’s being asked of me:

I need to have a very silvery ocean (earth’s ocean) with waves and such in broad daylight. Then a rock face needs to be lifted up out of the water and it needs to be dripping water over its edges The rock face will be cliff-like and it represents a continent rising up out of the water. Obviously this needs to be done with fluids and I suppose I’ll have to work at figuring this all out but if someone would be willing to point me in the right direction I would appreciate it! The shape of the cliff is up to me… getting the water to drip down is up suggestions from you. I know it’ll be tough! :eek: Please help! You guys rock! :slight_smile:


Anyone? I can work out the materials myself but the fluids I need help with :slight_smile:

This guy did an awesome video tut on the fluidsim.

Well that’s a tough one, yeah.

I’m thinking Blender’s fluid simulation can get tricky when it deals with large scene.
With a really high domain resolution, tracer particles and stuff, you should have some of the dripping you need.
The way I see it, I would first animate a large domain to have the main water movement (big waves on the ocean, I imagine). And then the best way to have the result I imagine would be by compositing it one way or another with a smaller domain in which the small scale water movement would occur (perhaps with rendering only this domain with your lanscape mask and adding it with the previous render).

Anyway that’s what I’m thinking, I’ll try out something like that if I got the time soon.

Good luck to you :wink:

All Right. I’ll give the video a try. And I’ve already thought about layering it… it’d save a butload on render times :smiley: Any other suggestions? Thanks!


i don’t think the fluid simulator is set up to do stuff that big, but you can certanly fake it with textures and particles. one thing you might think about is using the fluid simulator to make the textures.

And then use softbodies to have them “fall” around the mesh? Do you think that would work?


well, you could do that, or make animated textures, and use shape keys to give them some dynamic motion. also you probably will want to make an animated ‘froth map’ to lighten your water texture around the edges of the land mass, as it creates turbulance in the surrounding water. and for the mist it would create, a particle emmitor with shape keys that correspond to the edges of the land mass where it meets the water. you could use the retopo feature, to get the shapes just right, as you run through the animation.

Is there a good reference on how to do shape keys? I knew how to do it once upon a time but I hath forgotten :slight_smile: You’re right about the froth and the retopo; I’ll try that. The more that I think about it, the less you’d need individual water droplets for such a large (and relatively wide shot) feature. It would be more like a waterfall or cascade. Thanks!


to make shape keys, open the shape key panel which is in the edit buttons, click on ‘add shape key’ while youre still in object mode, to get your base key ( key 1 ), then, go into edit mode, move around some verts, and click add shape key again, to give you your first shape key ( key 2 ). now, go back into object mode, ( move the slider to check your key if you want, but make sure you turn it all the way down before leaving this key to go back to your base key ) and in the pulldown menu, go back to your base key. now, go into edit mode again, and move around some verts, pressing ‘add shape key’ when you’re done, and again, go to your base key, and repeat, until you have all the keys you want. Once you have your keys, go into the action editor, and click the arrow to get the shape key sliders. now, you can keyframe all your shape keys from the action editor. there are other things you can do with them too, like using weighted vertex groups to control them. there’s some basic documentation in the online manual, but I don’t know if the release logs go that far back. it seems they no longer have the ones for the 2.3 versions up, only 2.4 versions, and I think shape keys came about during the 2.3 versions. anyway, I’m sure there are 1 or 2 tuts out there, and maybe something on them in the blender wiki.

That’s fantastic! Thanks! I’ll get working on it soon. Maybe a combination of that and some liquid sims. We’ll have to see. Thank you so much for your help! I’ll start a WIP if I remember :rolleyes: