A complicated situation .

Hey everyone …

I’m learning from digital tutors (pluralsight)

And I was a 3ds max user before

So I have no problems with modelling in blender but I have a problem … I don’t know which course to start with
Intro to materials in blender or cycles rendering or intro to compositor … So what should I do ?

Seems like your problem is that you have a hard time with making decisions on your own.

Let me make this decision for you: You will start with “Intro to Materials”.

Also, let me give you some important advice on punctuation:

  • Thread titles generally don’t have periods at the end
  • Sentences absolutely should have a single period at the end
  • To signify that you’re drifting off, you may use triple periods
  • Do not use double periods, at all
  • Do not put a space before periods, question marks, exclamation marks, commas, semicolons, etc.

Mastering punctuation will raise your reputation with everyone judging your orthography, which includes important people like potential clients, employers and me.

careful there

too much salt might give you high blood pressure …

Seems like your problem is that you have a hard time differentiating between snark and salt.

Still though, I won’t pretend you don’t have a point.

This tutorial sheep culture we have in the creative industry is kinda getting out of hand,

I mean… come on
why does someone need to tell you where to start, OP?

Why not just start modelling something, then if you come up in a roadblock, tell us.

OP, cgcookie has some realöy good intro but still in depth tutorials for both cycles and compositing. youll also find some good intro to cycles series on youtube. i can also recommend blendtuts.com and blenderguru. if you really dont know where to start, try tp do a project on your own, and when you hit a wall do tuts in that area. imho starting with cycles tuts is a good choice, but it really depends on what you plan to do. good luck.

you’re lucky to have such “complicated” problems.

(i mean a lot people do really have complicated problems.)

thx everyone :slight_smile:

i will model something then i will decide what should i do and what should i start with

Seriously what kind of a shitty welcome this is ? Some of you people amaze me. I’ll be first in line to correct someone on their grammar and stuff but come on.

@iZang3tsu, welcome ! Blackdot’s advice is safe to follow, I also would recommend learning rendering as part of a complete project (imho it’s best to always have an actual goal when learning something).

Not being a dick will raise your reputation with everyone judging your personality, which includes important people like potential clients, employers and me.

You all focus on the fact that I’m being a dick. You should focus on the fact that I’m giving rock solid advice here. Beggars can’t be choosers!

@iZang3tsu, sorry if you took it the wrong way, I mean it well.

At least you recognize you’re being a dick. This type of toxicity belongs elsewhere…


Let’s not turn BA into a… “safe space”

If I say something stupid,

I’d rather people tell me exactly what they are thinking of what I said
than give a painfully canned and sugar coated response.

Besides, you can always mute people

Wait, what? You can mute people!?

I see a bunch of people having block lists and so I pressumed you can mute them

other wise it would seem kinda sad for a man to preview their imaginary block list in their siggy

@iZang3tsu : What do you want use Blender for? Once I know that I can help you better.

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