A connection with blender

i work for Northropgrumman Shipbuilding
and we in a squeeze about software issues
we have produce really good seas and stuff but we are using MAX
and of course max doesnt work very good for this sort of thing so we are trying to explain
how maya is good for seas
the reason that I am posting this here is
is there some way to get the blender communitiy connected to this and get some stuff
going for our troops that are fighting our wars for us I want them to get the best and I think
If Blender were modified a bit it would be the best
Please help

Blender is Open Source Software: I don’t think the OSS philosophy would sit comfortably at the same table as that of NorthropGrummon, no matter how much you try to guilt us out with stuff like “our” troops.

our troops?
when did the internet go to war?..

Unfortunately, I don’t think you will find much appreciation and respect for our troops, here. It’s a sad truth that will become self-evident in the number of rude responses you get.

Here are some links that might provide some info on using Blender for ocean graphics:

There’s more info available but, this should at least give you some ideas. Good Luck!

I think most people appreciate the troops, what they don’t appreciate is people using that appreciation to try and get free work done, even if it is for a good cause.
I personally also appreciate a little proofreading and formatting in posts.

I would like to help Northrop Grumman Shipbuilding use and/or modify Blender for specialized tasks to supplement your use of Max and Maya. I can consult with you through my company, Atlantica, on an hourly basis, (+ travel to/from Atlanta). Let me know if I can help.

Roger Wickes

I’m really quite confused as to what it is you are asking for. You want blender to be changed to produce seas more easily?

Animated? Still? To what level, do you have examples of what you’re looking for?

Aside from that, I’m not too sure how much cgi impacts the troops. Do you actually mean it’ll help you, which will help your company, which will charge the army?