A Cool Game


One of the best dos games ever!!!(well, it is the only one I’ve ever seen, but…)

2 worms that want to kill each other with a bunch of cool weapons. Nobody knows why they want to kill each other, but that’s okay.

You either love it or you hate it.

Has anybody else heard about it?

hmm give me a sec… it will come to me…


Your kidding, right? You must either be young, or new to computers, because in the old days (at least up to Win95, and still beyond I think), most major games were DOS, not Windows games. Things such as the original Wolfenstein and Doom, the Wing Commanders and Privateers, etc, etc, etc. Best ever DOS game for me may be the original Privateer.


Liero rocks, kind of sad that the computer players are so crappy though. You really need a human opponent to play.

  1. pofo

I think that one good DOS based game is “Commander Keen.” That was cool. Also, the original “Duke Nukem” was good, and didn’t need a first-person perspective or any nude girls to get by.

I’ve used computers for about as long as I can remember, with no breaks. :smiley: Just kidding. I like a lot of DOS-based games. I remember stuff like “jeopardy Jr.,” “The Price Is Right,” and “Wolfenstein 3D.” (I admit, I’ve only downloaded it recently, but still.)

Hmmm… maybe I should try making a DOS-based game (with graphics). Windows seems too hard to program.

I’m 12, and when i was 5 to about 7 my family lived in India and the only computer was my mom’s work-only computer, so by the time I really started to use computers I think dos was pretty much phased out

Well, it’s still not phased out… at least it’s remnants (the command line). Only place in windows to find useful stuff like ping and tracert.


Liero rocks! SuperShotgun and Larpa forever!!


my arsenal is as follows (especially on 0% loading time):

Chiquita Bomb

the tipical Death From Above combo. I don’t play much at 0% reload, more like 20%, it’s still fast, but a lot more strategic.


What weapons do you use theeth?

we usually play with full random arsenal, it’s makes better games that way.