A cool way to get free stuff.


I figured I might as well let you all know about a new website called Lockerz. The company gives away free stuff, so it’s pretty similar in nature to Microsoft Live Search Club, or Swagbucks. Lockerz is run by Liberty Media, which is one of the largest media companies in the United States. The Chief Officer (or Executive) that runs the company (Lockerz) used to be a big part of Amazon.com, and also American Eagle Outfitters (clothing, for those who don’t know). On the website you earn points by doing various things. You earn 2 points for just logging on every day, and up to 10 points for answering their question of the day. You also get points for inviting other people to join. The daily questions aren’t too personal or difficult, it’s mainly just preference - like pizza vs ice cream - A or B.

As for the prizes, they’re awesome. Several examples include a Macbook Air (2,500 points), an Xbox 360, the new PS3 slim (675 points), iPods (varies), video games (100 points), and other nice items.

As of right now, the website is offering membership by invitation only. I’m a member, so I can invite you if you wish to try out the website. If you are interested, shoot me a PM on here, and I’ll send you an invite as soon as I hear from you. I have unlimited invites. Some users of Yahoo have reported that they are not receiving the invitation, while others have said that it works just fine. I would suggest checking the spam filter, regardless of which email service you use. In addition, Lockerz is having bandwidth limitations on the numbers of emails they can send per day. It could very well be 24 hours or so before you receive the invite, despite the fact that I may have added your email to the queue. Please note that I need an email address in order to send an invite.
Here is a link to the website: www.lockerz.com

Here is some information about Liberty Media: http://www.libertymedia.com/ or http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Liberty_Media

Here is some information about the CO: http://adage.com/womentowatch07/article?article_id=116980

I also have a video created on YouTube that has all the previous information, plus some other Q/A type things, so check it out if you want: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=01_YLfy99oI

BOT…How do these bots get on here like this?

I was thinking that as well, but he did edit it 30 minutes later. A google search doesn’t throw up much either.

Hey man, I’m not a bot.

You’re marketing ‘free’ stuff. Doesn’t make you a bot, does make you a spammer.

I’m glad that you so highly cherish the contents of threads in off-topic discussion.

sure, its nice but these sites means that a: You will have a spammed inbox to the max, and b: You will have to watch a whole lot of commercials and give away information about yourself.
c: its sometimes frauds.

Uhm… you can check my posts to see I’m not a bot, if you want.

Anyways, just wanted to say something about Lockerz. About a month ago, while being really bored, I find out a forum where a guy was giving out invitations for this site. Obviously, one of the first things I thought was: Scam alert!

So, I asked for one using a disposable e-mail address. And after being there for two weeks without receiving spam, ads or something like that, I switched to my real e-mail. Up until today, everything seems right. In fact, the owners of the site have been trying to locate and ban anyone who could be cheating.

The only “catch” to this it’s that prize shipment hasn’t been implemented outside the US yet. So, that’s why I’ve been unable to redeem any prize. But so far, the site seems legit to me. Unbelievabily legit… but at least haven’t done anything strange.

Whoa, that’s the first time I’ve seen you use periods instead of commas.

LOL. I’m so glad you approve. I have been losing sleep over that!

Ever since I’ve signed up, I haven’t received any spam email. There are no commercials, and you don’t have to give away much personal information.

Yes, there are always scam sites. That’s why you do your research first. And how would this company be fraudulent? Liberty Media has a good track record, and the same goes for Kathy Sevitt. It’s just a way for Liberty Media to gather in personal tastes, which are provided voluntarily by the user in the form of a daily question. For example, the question for today was, “What genre of music to do listen to most?”

After the 15th of October they will start shipping internationally. I heard that it will require a few extra points to ship internationally, but that’s not really a big deal.

Here is the problem.

Quoted from your opening post:

1:You also get points for inviting other people to join.
2:As of right now, the website is offering membership by invitation only.
3:I’m a member, so I can invite you if you wish to try out the website.

So basically you show up and try to get people to join so you can increase your points which increases your gifts.

This is your personal scam.

Sorry. Me no play that game.

Fine, feel free to join the website on the 15th of October when you don’t need an invite. Then you can create “personal scams” in order to get points.

Or just not be a whore…

I don’t need “points” to buy things. I use a thing called money. I know, call me an idiot, or old fashioned,but I work for a living. Nothing is free. Points are not free. You have to answer questions and divulge information to get points evidently.

You only have 7 post here. That alone males me suspicious of your motives when you start out by trying to get people to join a website. This is an open source community. People freely exchange ideas and information. If you were trying to get people to check out a website you found without (in my opinion only) being sneaky then I would not even bother saying anything.

Maybe I’m wrong. Just my 2 cents worth of useless ranting.

Everyone else here can be the judge.

And by the way…

Welcome to BlenderArtist!

Thank you for your invaluable input. I’ll remember your comment forever.

Yes, I work for living as well. I am a student in college, though, so money is always limited. I don’t like the way the economy is right now, so if there is something you can legitimately get for free, then it’s all the better.

My first post, if you check my post history, was actually to report a bug on Blender 2.49b, but it basically got ignored. I guess since most people use an open source operating system, such as Ubuntu, they kind of forget about Windows (poor us).

I do in fact use Blender quite a bit. I’m not nearly as talented as everyone else, but I have figured a few things out. I have actually been using Blender fairly consistently for the past few years. I began following Blender about a year and half or so before Big Buck Bunny came out. In fact, it might have been around the time that the first Blender open movie came out, but I don’t remember what it is called. However, I haven’t bothered to create a user on the forums until this past summer. I was unsure of what my major in college was going to be, and I was, at the the time, leaning towards something in graphic design. I was going to become more active in the community and hopefully learn some things, but since I chose not to take the graphic design route, I kind of forgot about the whole forum account. I suppose that even though I have chosen not to go into graphic design, I could still make suggestions and contribute in other ways, despite the fact that I consider graphic design as a hobby now.

As a friendly FYI, the first Open Movie project was Elephants Dreams, aka Orange Project.

Anyways… Man, the Lockers thing is just a game. Don’t take it so seriously. I haven’t invited but one person, and I’ve got enough “PTZ” to exchange for an iPhone. However, I won’t trust that website completely until I meet someone who has managed to get even a t-shirt out of it. Or even better, when I do manage to get something out of it.

But even though I’d like to dream on having a Nintendo Wii just by inviting people to join, I would think twice before opening a thread in a public forum to do so. Because if other people’s personal information or e-mail accounts get compromised by that, then it’d be my fault.

There are people that have received items. The items have just gone out of stock quickly because of the higher than expected demand. If you look around on Youtube, there are a few people who have made videos about the items that they have received.

I wouldn’t be worried about personal information in the case of Lockerz, because it is being run by a company with a good background. Many people, including myself, are always careful when giving out personal information. I wouldn’t be suggesting the website to anyone if it were going to compromise personal data.