A Corner

I’m working on something I’m quite familiar with. This scene would not be unfamiliar to people like me. I also want it to be at a past time, 1980 - 1990 ish.


I’m doodling around using simple shapes to ‘sketch’ my scene. Here is what I came up. There would be some more elements added or removed while I work on this but for now I like how it looked.

I made a rice cooker and a mug, work on the room and shift the camera a bit. Also decrease the strength of the AO to make it look closer to how I want the lighting to be.

Modeling a jar, a glass and plates. Work on the walls, moved the chair and playing with lights and camera.

Hey Ralmon, this looks like a well planned workflow from blocking out the scene over modelling, lighting and texturing.

The lighting looks better in the last images, because there are more pronounced highlighted areas and shadows. This gives more of a 3D impression. I think that you will take up the lighting in later steps of yor process though, because you may have to adjust it to your materials. It’s hard to tell now, because at the moment everything is made of the default clay.

This already promises to become a nice stil image. Keep posting :slight_smile:

I like the composition and flow.

@Minoribus: It may looks organized and well planned but it was very chaotic process when I’m at it. May have to work on the lighting later but I’m playing with it to see how it affects the look, not really good at lighting so might agonize with it (I’m agonizing with it now :(). I’ll keep working.

@Modron: Thanks. I’m planning to make it all look dirty and grungy.

Well more work. and playing again with lights. Even tried rendering with Cycles.

Hmm. The sun seems to shift a bit when I render in cycles. What happened?


Almost finished modeling. I’m on a phase that I fear the most, texturing. I’m really bad at texture and it often gives me lot of headaches. Been reading a lot of tutorials about texturing lately and I still have no clue how to do it properly.

It looks excellent so far!

this is good…step by step getting to better and better result…most of us work in hurry to finish something as a result we get no output at alll :D…so need so much patience…as i see here…