A couple bge problems

Hello everyone, i’m making my first game and tried making a demo for a friend trusting it to be easy to export the game to an exe but…i tried saving it as runtime, but all i get is a black screen. I know the code is executing because the music is playing and if the characters dies (i got it killed blindly) the game closes, but it won’t show a thing.
Tried exporting the basic blender grey cube scene to see if it was my game’s settings fault, but i got black screen again, and the same happens when i try and play a game downloaded from this forum.
Am i missing something?

Another little problem is that the music plays louder on the left side, with no 3d sound enabled, just plain music…again, is there anything i should know to correct this?

I recently saw someone comment about the black screen, search the forum. Also in 2.6+ there is a sound bug for the left channel. Sorry for no links, on phone.

To fix the sound bug; wait for 2.63, downgrade to 2.61 or change the sound library in the user preferences to SDL or something to that effect.

thanks for the answers but i can’t find the black screen thread, anyone can point me to it or remembers if there’s a fix to that?
i’ll try downgrading in the meantime

i downloaded 2.61 but it still shows just a black screen as a standalone. Is it possible that my graphic card is the source of the problem? i got a nvidia geforce 540m…that would be strange though, since in blender everything works properly…

That’s weird, i making a game since 2.60 and now in 2.62 works well

@drrobotnik89 - Do you see anything in the console (if one appears)?

Download Blender 2.62.1 from graphicall.org. it fixed the problem for me.