A couple more spaceships.

Hello all, just like to post the progress of a few more spaceships. C&C is very welcome, as well as some tips for making my little creations fly and shoot things when I start animating. Actually, some help on that would be really appreciated, I’ve been trying to figure it out for a while.

Anyway, here’s the ship so far.

Oh, and another bit of help would be nice. How do people upload such big pictures?


looks cool!..is that the front of the ship or the whole thing?

Oh yeah, It’s a fighter, so thats pretty much the whole thing, base model wise. I’m going to try and make the cock pit look more built in rather than pushed together, and then add weapons.

And here’s with the cockpit tweaked (thank you boolean) and the main cannons added. I can’t decide if they shoot plasma or antimatter yet so moving on…those two little thingies near the tips of the wings are the crystals that power the laser beam, hopefully I’ll have a demo of that later.


Hello again, I added a bit more coloring to the Crescent fighter, and am now working on the human ones. As you can see, I’m going for a very bulky look for the human fighters, as they will be less advanced. However, that’s not to say that they are any less maneuverable, as there is no wind resistance in space. I have a few renders of the human fighter, An overall of the project so far, a close up of the engine support structure, and a close up of the panels, which will cover the entire ship.


You know, your spaceship reminds me of the deadly Man Catcher

Hmm…now that I’ve seen one, I guess your right. That could be it’s nickname. I think it suits it. Anyway, I’ll hopefully be adding some more plating onto the Human ship today, so stay tuned :).

any more comments?