a couple of blender questions

(IOR) #1

hi again…still using blender at my spare time and i must say im still as hooked if not more than before…although i have a few problems nothing big …well anyways…here goes nothing

  1. when i model i would like to arc rotate around a specific vertex…i come from max…where that is possible…it really bugs me out that i rotate around an axis im not able to control…

  2. when i add a camera to the scene ( i do this so can change the FOV.) how do i look through the cam? …i have looked and looked but i cant find it…does anyone understand what i mean?

  3. when i model in max i only model one sida of the model at first while having an instance of it mirrored besides it so it looks symetrical and all the changes that are made become symetric too…(do the asymtrical changes after ive joined the 2 together) is there a way to do this in blender?..

  4. is it possible to assign differnt shading groups to different polygons? as if i make a lowpole face a want the lips to stand out so i want a different shade id there…can it be done ???

i think thats it for now…havent gotten to the texturing parts tye…ill be back soon though with a new bunch of stupid questions!! =)

cheers /IOR

ps/ even if it has some small flaws its still a major poke in the eyes of the major players…hehe!..

(crow) #2
  1. dunno maybe http://vrotvrot.com/support/showitem.php?faq_id=1168

  2. Numpad 0

  3. Yes it is possible, i have never done it cuz it turns the duplicated side all black, and i cant figuire out how to change it-looked thru my links cant find it…sorry

  4. maybe this link may help?? http://vrotvrot.com/support/showitem.php?faq_id=1070

(ray_theway) #3
  1. If you have more than one camera, try pressing ALT-NUM0, CTRL-NUM0, or SHIFT-NUM0. I think these cycle through a few different cameras.

  2. Like crow, I haven’t done this much. I think you select the object you want to mirror, press the S button, and instantly press the X or Y keys. These will mirror the object on either the X or Y axes. If the faces show up dark on one side, try going into edit mode and press CTRL-N to recalculate the normals to face outside.

  3. If you plan to use the face in a game, you’ll have to make a UV-map image for the face. Then, load the image (press SHIFT-F10), go back to the 3d-window (SHIFT-F5) and press F. In face-select mode you can assign UV-coordinates.

(theeth) #4
  1. Press the Dot (.) to rotate around the cursor. Shift-S, 4 to snap the cursor to the selected vertice

  2. 0Num for the active camera
    Ctrl-0Num to make the active object the active camera (works will all kinds of objects, not just cameras)
    Alt-0Num, use the last active camera as viewport

  3. You can mirror the halves in edit mode when you’re done, or make an instaced copy (out of edit mode) and mirror it (Skey, X or Y) so that it updates whenever you update the other half. Be sure to unpress Double Sided in the Edit Buttons window (F9) so that one of the half doesn’t turn black (this doesn’t affect rendering though, only the 3D window).

  4. that would be with materials and texture.


(Schlops) #5
  1. Alt-D is the Key you need and afterwards Skey and Xkey/Ykey to mirror the linked duplicate.

(IOR) #6

thanx guys…the mirroring part is wonderfull…now finally i can model like a human being again and not like some caged animal…hehe!! u guys just made blender even better…for me at least… though the arc rotate thing i think was misunderstood…i can rotate objects around specific points, the cursor etc etc. but what i really want to do is rotate the view…around a certain center point of my choice…and one more thing i found the camera…its working alright…but if i try to move it the camera view changes back to one of the other views…and im not inside the camera anymore…so many questions…many of them …i dont know…maybe too obvious… well anyway…the mirror part with instancing helped me out a great deal…thanx a million! =)


(Dittohead) #7

goto edit menu and select vertcol make and delete, and voila.

(IMProvisar) #8

Middle-Mouse changes the view… if you do that while in camera view (NumPad0) it will jump out of the camera view.

To move the camera while in camera view, first select the camera (either before or after entering camera view), the press ‘g’ to grab the camera, your mouse then moves the camera, drop it with a left-click, or ‘ESC’ to cancel.

Hope that helped. :slight_smile: