A Couple of Codependencies

Something of an ongoing study of relationships…


Render is pure Blender 2.44 internal.

Thank you for viewing my work,


As always… brilliant 5*s

the bottle looks a bit squashed…

overall adding all my extra bonus specuial thingys



EDIT: noticed…

thats amazing…

wow has a nice bright feeling

Very funny! I really enjoyed it. Wouldn’t have worked without the title. Literal lol. Good work!

lol true so true

I like the image, but I can’t say I understand how the two objects are codepenent. I know the umbrella needs water in order to justify its existence, but how does the water need the umbrella? Codependency is when each dependent requires the other in order to sustain itself. Maybe I’m missing something.

joeab: Thanks, joeab. The bottle of water does curve inward at the center.

darkscar888: Thank you. The brightness was a key factor here in terms of the emotional aspect of the piece, because when they are together everything feels right and bright and complete, despite the appearance of a mismatch.

Orinoco: Thanks. The title is the idea that inspired this piece. I wanted to depict a codependent couple and explore the dysfunctional/partly comical aspects of that relationship. There are other relationships in here, in terms of color, tone, transparency, space, geometry, angles, but the main thing is the couple.

Dan: Thanks, Dan. Both are containers in a sense, protecting against water, opening and closing as needed, yet one protects while the other nourishes. Both have their roles in life and situtations when both are useful. They might be drawn together by mutual interests, for example, or come to understand each other in ways we could not understand, being external to their situation. Perhaps they do find a way to make it work, even though it should not in logical terms. Perhaps their thinking behind their bond is indeed illusory, ill-conceived, compulsive, if not maladaptive and controlling. At the heart of codependency can dwell some very strong and strange perceptions and misperceptions, things that override reason and common sense, feelings as if one absolutely needs or cannot be without the other. Yet we know these thoughts can be distorted or untrue if calmly and objectively considered, just as you keenly noted :slight_smile:


Really nice piece, Robert!

When you say Blender “internal”, that means no postpro, right? In that case, how did you get that cool glow effect? And how did you do the soft shadows? They don’t look ambient occluded . . .

Hope you don’t mind a little curiosity. :wink:

mkeller: Blender’s internal ray tracing renderer was used. The render nodes of Blender’s render pipeline were used to achieve the glow. No post-processing in an external application was necessary. Which is to say, everything is done in Blender and pressing F12 produces this image :slight_smile:

AO + soft buffered shadow lamps + multiple low distance omni lights were used for shadowing/light.


So I was missing something. You artists. Too smart for your own good :stuck_out_tongue: Hehe, I’m glad that you look at things so deeply. Too few people spend the time to really delve into things on that level.

Nice colour palette.:yes:
The umbrella is a bit dominating, but I guess that would be hard to avoid. You know the rule, ‘two thirds light, one third dark’. You have almost the opposite… but rules were meant to be broken.

Gee wiz your pictures can really have depth, I like it.

How do you think of all this depth which you explained to Dan?

My english isn’t very good. so I Actually interepreted this first as an causality dependency - the most unecollogical use of PET bottles causes with other phenomenons that the weather on earth gets crazy :slight_smile:

blenditall: Thanks! Yes, all such rules can be useful to a point. I have to listen to where the piece really wants to go, though. Sometimes it wants to be free of such conventions or to do something different. I will ask it, “Are you sure? You know what they’ll say.” Then it gives me one of those looks, and I know it’s not kidding around :eyebrowlift:

Cyborg Dragon: Thanks, Cyborg Dragon. The title, the ideas, all of these things almost always have to be in place before I feel comfortable and right going forward with a particular project.

This usually means a lot of energy and personal investment in a project before it even happens, so I consciously try to avoid projects where such efforts might not bear much fruit.

I do a lot of thinking, admittedly too much at times (yes, some things can definitely be over-thought!), before doing any Blending. This tends to help me remain focused on what I ultimately want to express and to improve it in different ways as the project unfolds. Often one project of mine can inspire another, as in my “Reflection” series.

Sometimes I’ll sketch some ideas out, and other times there are words/qualities/aspects I will jot down, if just to brainstorm and to see if I can make something more interesting, to have more levels than something literal. Sometimes I’ll spend some time in a dictionary or a thesaurus getting into the actual words I’m inwardly thinking when envisioning my project.

I’ve been trying to do more of this sort of stuff in the last few years, mostly because I want to create works with purpose, meaning, interpretive depth – things that could make people think, wonder, reconsider things.

If the ideas and the reasons for the piece to be are not really there, and substantially so, I will not proceed with that project just to “finish it.” I am more picky than ever with my work. I think I need to be if I want to get anywhere. Yet, I do not want to play it safe. I have to feel the intensity of the ideas, to believe they could work. And then I have to let go of all fear of failure.

And while I might have achieved some success in some works of mine, I need to continue trying new things, styles, methods, et cetera, to see where and what else I can develop. This keeps it very fresh and challenging and re-introduces a certain level of artistic risk that not all the time people might understand, want, or even appreciate.

In my spare time (which is hard to come by since I use much of it for Blending) I am actually working on a little book about this kind of stuff :slight_smile:

pildanovak: Cool, thanks for sharing your thoughts on the image :slight_smile: It’s always exciting to hear how these images connect with people in different ways.