A couple of finished projects

Decided to post a couple of finished projects. They are old but the ones im most happy with when it comes to completion. First out is acctualy my first fisnished full scene render

Bathroom (2007):

This one is my first total scene render, i see alot of things that could have been differently now but sadly i dont have my .blend files on these 2 shots anymore. The painting you see in the mirror is a snapshot from my old apparment.

Castle (2009)

As you can see, trees arent my strong side, they were also made to put up some shadow and wood feeling.

wow both really good, why dont you try a little compositing on the castle one to give it some sun glare ?
and the bathroom could use a little compositing too ;D
im pretty good at compositing, so if you need help :stuck_out_tongue:

Sadly as i wrote in my first post the .blend files i have lost. But i intend to make 2 new versions as i learned alot since then even tho I havent had much time to make large projects like these 2, i have been fiddeling with small projects, and learned new cool effects i can use for later projects.