A couple of glasses and some wine

I’m all out of ideas of what else to put in this image, it just doesn’t look finished yet. So I decided to turn to you guys.

I already tried making some grapefruits and cheese, but it didn’t turn out any good.

Also feel free to comment suggest improvements to the already existing stuff :slight_smile:



I would probably put some more atmosphere in there by placing the objects on a balcony table of a restaurant at some nice italian lake, a late, violet sunset in the background and blah blah blah… :slight_smile:

as far as the composition’s going, i wouldn’t add anything yet. youve got the things you want to display, you just need to display them nicer…

for starters, i would place the two glass together as a group, and the wine bottle opposite in the frame. remember the rule of thirds. only when you really understand composition can you start breaking composition rules.

id probably aim to light it with soft candle light, or something more intimate - theres not really anything going on in this photo to suggest a story.

wow nice render

Thanks for the comments guys.

I think I’m gonna go with a balcony or a cliff.

I put the stuff on a table (I know the table doesn’t look too good, and I’m going to make a new one).

I’m just wondering: should I put a sunset texture on a plane and put in front of the camera, or what would be the best way to acchieve such an effect (most of it will be blurred out by DOF anyway)


nice, is this in indigo?

that looks good, - very good render control, definitely need warmer lights though… thats very blue. you might use a sunset image to emit light into the scene, but it depends on which renderer your using for how to go about it

That’s really nice :slight_smile:
but may i suggest that you let it render for a while longer
I can still make out some noise in the wine

and I like the sunset idea :smiley:

Thanks again for the comments everyone.

2winged: Yeah, I know it’s a bit noisy still (and the wine material isn’t perfect yet either, needs more gain), I just posted so you’d see what I had in mind

I’m trying out a sunset render right now, and I think I’ve finally got the settings about right, I’ll probably post an update in the morning (it’s about 5pm here right now, so that would be in maybe about 17h)

@ionee the pic says Indigo!! it’s stamped at the bottom.

@2winged I see noise but only on the railing, that may be a texture, and it provides nice dof already.
edit: O.k. O.k. I see the noise in the wine. Hey man sit back in your chair and give the screen some breathing room. :slight_smile:

@morio the table looks fine, it is after all just a table under cloth, whats wrong with it?
If you don’t already use HDRI images you really should I think with his scene. Try rendering with a nice angmap set as sky and you can’t go wrong.


The right one could be your background as well. If not just alpha out everything past the railing and then composite it in post. Of course, I currently don’t no how to do any of things in indigo, BI for life!

@N00BIE: Right now there is no table, just a cloth :smiley: But the problem with the cloth is that it looks too stiff, I remade it, and I’m still not 100% satisfied with it, so I might remake ita again. (I’m also gonna make some sort of table under the cloth.
And yes, I’m already using HDRI images, but your link definitely goes to my collection it has some really nice images, thanks.

@ionee the pic says Indigo!! it’s stamped at the bottom.

sos, i couldnt really see it :slight_smile:

@morio: it’s not to major, i just thought id point it out since sometimes it takes me a while to spot all the noise in my renders :slight_smile:
and have you tried using the physics fuction for the cloth, i’ve never used but i read a tutorial where it was used to animate cloth in the wind. you could take one frame and render it to give it a naturel feel? just an idea :slight_smile:

@N00BIE ya ya i know i sit to close to the screen, maybe i’m going blind:eek::slight_smile:

Ok, I decided to post this update even if the image is still very grainy.

So, I added a sunset, please let me know what you think of it

The balcony still needs fixing, and I need to add a table under the tablecloth, but right now I’m mainly looking for comments on the background and lightning. I also remade the tablecloth, and I think it looks pretty good now.


looks much better, just a little less sun.

thats looking really good now… however, i think the bottle shadow is way to attention grabbing. im not sure if you want to lighten it, soften it or cast light form the other side, but that is really the most distracting part of this image… the perspective in the photo looks too tilted towards the camera at the top, but DoF might get rid of that. I think you need a nicer looking rail now - its a bit of a let down. it looks a little housing complex, not romantic night on the awesome view balcony… nice progression

Ok, I fixed the biggest issues, I added another light do lighten the shadow from the bottle (yeah that looked horrible). I also remade the rail, so it would look a bit nicer, and I think it turned out pretty decent.

now I have one new problem though. I moved the sun a bit, and now it reflects from the wine inside the bottle. Not quite sure what to do about this, maybe I should move/rotate the bottle a bit or change the material to something less reflecting. I moved the sun to match the “reflection” from the water.


that is so much better, lights and noise are much more appealing now
i cant offer any fix for that texture, but i think you need to move the camera a bit. having the rail (nice work by the way) intrude on the glass and bottle silhouettes is a bit uncomfortable - lower down i think would work better. Also, i dont think the angle of the rail works well. because that line is your horizon line looks bad because its midway between properly horizontal, and dynamically angled. It needs to be one or the other, halfway just looks like a snapshot photo, considering the content of the image, the snapshot aesthetic doesn’t really fit.

of course you can just ignore me as a photography snob and call it finished, but thats what I’d do :smiley:

Thanks again dvandamme, what would I do without you :smiley:

I turned the camera so that the horizon is horizontal (hey that does make sense xD) and I also lowered the camera a bit, and yeah, it does look a bit better now.


awesome now! just let it cook longer and it will be awesome=)