A couple of ideas

from a couple of days I had those ideas that might be interesting, judge yourself:

  1. a plugin/script that writes on the screen (title menu or 3d view) the last
    shortcut (ie: “shift+J”)/command used (and changes text color if re-used).
    What’s that? well, this would greatly helps video tutorials: the tutorial maker
    can then concentrate on the concept part of the tutorial being sure any
    noob can learn fast from his video, not needing to explain all the basics…

  2. for-command-undo (like gimp history): most of the commands could
    memorize the “high level” part of the command instead than an entire undo,
    (for example move point 24 and 28 x:+5 y:+5 z:0 can memorize his reverse:
    movepoint,24+28,-5,-5,0 ). reverse functions can then be used instead of
    raw datas (for most of the functions, I doubt this can be done easily for
    subdivision), allowing much more undos and maybe something like gimp history panel.

Please comment, idea 1) should be much easier to implement…