A couple of my first models.

These are really nothing special, but I’ve only been using Blender for a few days, so I’m proud of them. This is my first time to do 3D modeling.

(I know there’s 2 shadows being cast on the face, I didn’t notice that until after I rendered it)

My next job is to start adding a body to the guy and then to learn how to texture it.


Your a natural talent. I have use blender for about 8 months and still can’t do faces like yours. To remove one of the shadows you turn off both the rayshadow and only shadow buttons on lamp material.

Wow, thank you. I knew how to remove the shadows, I was just too lazy to re-render re-save and re-upload. :wink:

I’ve actually been using blender since Thursday or Friday I think. It took about 4 hours of “tweaking” to get a nice shape to the face, but I think the results were worth it. If nothing else, one thing I do have is a whole lot of patience.

The next thing I need to learn is using bones and how to texture.

Maybe if I try some hours I can do a face like that too, usually I just spend about 15-30 minutes on the head and get pretty bad results.
Armature (bone) tut:
Bump and texture tut:
UV-mapping tutorial:

Thanks a lot for the links. Those will come in helpful. :slight_smile:

well let me first say these are vary vary nice models for 2 or 3 days of blend time looks way better then my first :slight_smile: but in order to get some good crits on your model you may wont to post some wire frames. also i noticed the top of your head looks like you didnt use the set smooth buttin if you put set smooth on them it give that nice smoth organic look. also your ear is kinda flat and looks like its almost sticking threw his face. also the eyes need to be worked on right now it looks like you extruded the eye lid in weard then out to make your eye whitch is most the time a bad idea if you plan to animate or give the nice real look from my expirance witch is limited it is always a good idea to make a sphere for the eye then use the perportinal editing tools to push the eye lid to the right form. also you may wont to make the nostrils on his nose more rounded right now it looks like somebody put his nose in a book and slamed it. but mind you this is just my two cents. at anyrate this is a vary vary good start :slight_smile: