A couple of question about the GameEngine in blender

Is Any of this Question possible if so any kind of help would be appreciated:

I´ve done this character with a gun and a sword but after finished aiming the gun I wanna shot something like a string and want it to collide with the wall and then from the current location want to be able to suck myself in without any rotation at all if possible kinda like Link´s Hookshot

And I´ve done this third person perpesctive behind my character but I don´t want the camera to always be behind my character i want it to be more like gtasa camera when you go left or right it will just rotate enough to see the charather and i would also to be able rotate my camera like gtasa and when press R3 in my Xbox360 joypad I want to it rotate the fastest way Behind the character

Thanks in advance

Why doesn’t people post their threads in the right forum??? It shouldn’t be too hard to see that there is a forum called GAME ENGINE.