A couple of Question?

I tried to make my character be able to transform into a different shape while the animations still work

but couldn´t get it to work

So what way can I make my character change shape and be able to add armor for example and make it still be able to play the animations
please be specific didn´t get it last time I asked

And could someone please post a Save-n-Load-many-Properties script

I tried on learning python but I´m too short on time

So I´m planning on leaning python later

and I really need to have this script as soon as possible

These 2 things would really help my game

any help would be apriciated

I’ve never tried it, but I would make a copy of the armature and then parent a new body to it. For the transform you might make one visible and the other invisible. I’ve never tried that either. Just some ideas.

I’ll see if I can write a save script for multiple properties and objects. But what type of properties would you be saving?
Numbers, strings, or both? In order to do this, it would be easier if all the objects had the same property names, can you do that?

It would be to hard have every property have the same name,it´s just to many I need,It would be hard to keep track of each one

I´m trying to save my experience,the amount of bullets,the amount of weapon and ipo location property value and so on

they all have the type int

It´s just the value I want to save and then be able to assign does values I saved when load

so you start on ipo location value 5=save 5=course 5 with the values of the previous experience and weapon and armor gained and so on

just a bunch of int properties values from a bunch of objects

that needs to be saved and then be able to assign those value when loaded

Well, I can somewhat explain to you what needs to be done, but you may have to learn some python to understand it.

To save:

import GameLogic
file = open("gameData","w")
scene = GameLogic.getCurrentScene()

obj = scene.getObjectList()["name of your object to save"]

when your done you use
keep repeating the last 2 lines until you have saved all your properties
If the name of your object is Cube, then it’s name in GameData is “OBCube”
That should write a file called gamedata with all your properties. You do the same thing but read them in and assign them in the same order when you load.