A couple of questions about modeling

When making a spin model, why is it that even though I’m in the right window to make the spin and have the 3d curser at the point of spin, I still have a question mark to point at the origin of the spin? It’s a small thing but I don’t see it as a step in any spin tutorials.

If I can go for 2fer - When I think I completely delete an object in edit mode it’s still present in the outliner and affects the choices in the tool box menu to exclude curves until I go to the outliner and remove it there…is this normal.

these both occur in 2.49

note sure about the first one, it’s been a while sense I used 2.49, and I’m not familiar with what exactly you described.

The second one: yes, that is completely normal. Just because an object has no vertices doesn’t mean it doesn’t exist still. If you want to delete an object I recommend backing out to object mode before doing so, like you said, deleting it in edit mode leaves the object to clutter up the outliner and can make finding other objects harder if things aren’t named well.

In the first case, make sure the transformation is set for the 3D Cursor, over in the header of the 3D View window. This way you can spin an object relative to the 3D Cursor position.

In the second case, if you delete all in Edit Mode, it doesn’t mean you delete the object, it means you delete the object’s elements. To delete the object you have to be in Object Mode.