A Couple of Questions

  1. I need to know how to make a pool with fluidsim, but I don’t want it to be all splashy in order to get it in. I want it to be calm at first.
  2. How can I show an avi raw on this website or another for people to view?
  3. (when I get it up) How is my first animation?
    P.S.- I didn’t really know where to post this.
  1. You should make the fluid part almost the same size as the domain. Place the fluid part very close to the domain part. That should help.

  2. There is absolutely no point in using avi raw format in the internet. It is way too large in file size.

what should i use?

Well. One way is to use the avi-jpg format. Or use the avi-raw and compress it with virtualdub for example. www.virtualdub.org

I don’t have a way to show it. Dies youu tube support quicktimes?