A couple of wallpapers

These are basic but i think cool wallpapers i cooked up in blender and yafray. Both are 1280x1024, enjoy!

dot Blend


Box Score

Cool work!

Their a bit black-and-white, though.

Me likes the ‘.blend’!

Love them!

Maybe if you made another make it with 2 really bright contrasting colors, that would look awesome with the great style you have!

rightclick --> background

Very cool. I like the first one especially. I think they look cool as black and white.


I love the 1st one, black and white gives it a very classy look.
Keep up the good work. :stuck_out_tongue:

Cool works, I like the dot blend wallpaper because it looks glassy. I also made a wallpaper with blender, even the borders are made with blender. http://jd-multi.tripod.com/blenderpictures/theforest.jpg it’s 1280 X 1024 wallpaper. feel free to use. 8)

@jd-multi: cool! i really like that one.

@enos: i like the dot-blend stuff as well, i dont like the other one so much cos of the font…

cya henrik

ive gone wallpaper crazy. Theres a bunch up at enos.deviantart.com, i just finished a black background version of dotblend but im not sure if it uploaded correctly. If not ill fix it later.

Thanks kaktuswasse, made many wallpapers with that style but a few are finished. All of them are blender made ( and a bit photoshop but 3D from blender). Maybe I’'l post more :smiley:

Enos mate, your site is down/unavailable at the moment, I can’t see your images.