A couple paintings for C and C (slight nudity warning)

Hi Folks,

These are two paintings from a group of 3 that I am working on.

The First is finished, the second is awaiting finishing touches.

I am an artist living in a vacuum and am interested in outside Crit’s and comments.

These works are a twist on the theme of Psyce.

I will post the 3rd as it nears completion.


link no good

Hi, this is my first post. Not sure why the link isn’t working for you. I think it works from here ok but I might be missing something.

I took the link out and tried to include the image of the paintings within the message.

Let me know if you can’t see it.


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It looks excellent. Even if the 2nd one is not finished, that’s my favorite, I prefer it’s composition to the compositio of the 1rst, it looks more well balanced.

Of the two painting the second was by far the hardest. I really struggled with its composition, attempting to make her gentle fall look convincing. Your comment makes me feel that my struggle was successful. Thanks so much.