A couple questions about 3ds max/blender setup

I was wondering If I was to make a model in 3ds max what will be the best file format to transfer the model from 3ds to blender? So far I have used the .obj format and it seems to work ok but i want to know the best way. Also is there a way anyone knows to export only the mesh from 3ds? I don’t want to have to deal with all the textures and crap. I also have a question about rigging (sorry I know i kinda have a lot of questions) If I wanted to rig in blender (which i do would) would putting on textures on after the rigging process be a problem? Thanks for any help you can give. And please tell me if there is a better way.

So no one has any ideas on this? I am doomed @@!!

When I moved from 3D Max to Blender, I just used the .obj file format. Seems to work great for me.

Obj or fbx. I see that fbx importer is very good now.

Before exporting , remove all materials from 3dsmax mesh and export your obj. You can always select what you want to export via OBJ in 3ds max.

Its perfectly ok to rig in blender. I have 3dsmax at office but i never got hold of its rigging stuff. but in blender, its very easy to use and very powerful.

It doesn’t matter if you texture your model before/after rigging. but make sure your transformations for mesh & rig are locked (Enable lock icon in transforms, it is just like freeze of 3dsmax).

It is also a good idea to remove doubles, Add uv maps before rigging.

Hey all thanks so much for your help I found it very useful and I’m going to try it out. Thanks lots dukejib as i found your post especially helpful. Thanks!