A couple random images.

I made these out of fun…since it is my hobby and all :smiley:

This one has a little post processing in photofiltre but I really like it.

This one I made for my girlfriend while we were in class one day.

Thanks for having a look.

I love the first one.
Looks great!

Thanks Caleb :slight_smile:

I have now discovered radiosity. Oh boy I could lose some sleep over this one.

I don’t know why but I like a lot the last character even if he’s too dark and harly visible.
Put him in an alchemist workshop and that’ll be perfect :smiley:

great work

Had some fun with the new particles :slight_smile:


I really like that first image. Looks a bit like one of those digital blasphemy wallpapers. Could you perhaps give a quick description of how you made it? or even upload/email a .blend…
Overall, nice work.