A couple rendering questions

I am on Blender 2.61

My first question; is there any setting to make the background transparent when rendering? I ask because I am attempting to use blender models as sprites in a flash game since I can model better than I can draw, but manually removing the background color on every frame is extremely tedius.

The other question, How do I actually get blender to save the rendered images? It used to be that I just needed to set the output folder and it would save each frame into that folder, now I set the output folder in the render options and it doesn’t save any file to that location and forgets my setting when I close the program.

Output folder location is for animations
Either use the node compositor and use a file output node or render then F3 or use the render window menu

For Transparent background, for cycles enable transparent tickbox in render settings, for blender internal turn off Sky in render layers panel. Ensure to set RGBA in render output and use an image format that can use transparency

Ahh ok, Thanks :slight_smile: