a couple things conserning BGE

ok first offf is my game runs really slow both in game prieview and game runtime. is there any way i can speed it up, i hav direct x 9 and GL 2.0.0 r those all up to date and would it even matter if they werent? also, is there any python script template that deals with enemies? ive tryed the autonomious bots by mnph and they hav to many logic bricks to add to my already hundreds of logic bricks.

Blender GE needs to be dramaticly optimised. I know slight C++, so i can probably not serve as any help in that.

it depends on your hardware, OS, and the contents of your game

what is your hardware, blender’s engine runs at only a fract
ion the power of your hardware in my personal experience. But still it’s good for making games of Nintendo DS graphical prowess for probably the majority of systems, and for a smaller number of people it can reach well beyond the quality of the PS2 - somewhere area of the Nintendo Wii maybe a bit more in some aspects, a bit less in others.

start hacking blender then!!!

The trick is optimizing everything in your game to squeeze out as many fps as possible. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but the only real way to speed up your games is to use lower-poly models, fewer objects, less logic, smaller images… of course, with practice you can still make great-looking games.

As for AI, there are approx. 12,377,894,907 threads on the subject. I like Mmph!'s and p00f’s method the best, because it demonstrates the nature of AI. Or actual “intelligence” for that matter. Computers, calculators, enemy guys, even the human brain is all basically logic bricks. Nerve endings send signals down nerves to neurons, which interact with other neurons which send more signals down more nerves to muscles. Nerve endings are here called “Sensors.” Neurons are “Controllers.” Muscles are “Actuators.” And nerves are the little lines you draw to connect them. :eyebrowlift: You can pretty easily simulate the intelligence of, say, a rat (slightly more complex than “track to cheese.”), but no one can really simulate human intelligence (yet!). But even having rats running around shooting you can be pretty impressive, if you have the patience and screen size for all the logic bricks (aka. more patience than mine). If you understand how to do the logic bricks (IF I see a car coming at me, THEN I move out of the way) than you should be able to translate that to script form. If you can’t script, then I would suggest you make learning Python your priority. :slight_smile: (Or just stick with your logic bricks :eyebrowlift2: )

ok my os is windows xp and also how can i reduce the number of faces on my models? (that would make it a low polygon model right?)

also how would i make my enemy track to my player, (actuator edit object track to) but i want it to actually look like its walking, (ill handle the animation). but wut im asking is there is the track to logic brick but wen i enable it it always just has him appear at my location, i want to actaully see him moving towards me. also, wut do the ray sensors do and how do i use them?

Have your model on screen. Next to it, make the same model, but make it look bad. :smiley: Or, make your guys headless. I always make the faces too detailed. :eyebrowlift: And I don’t think your OS is a problem.

A few well written python scripts could probably replace most of them, and increase performance.

Of course, that’s just one thing.

Are your textures sized in powers of 2? If not the BGE is converting on the fly, which would slow things down. Also, did you create multiple instances of any one object with “ALT D” or “SHIFT D”? Only “ALT D” creates “instances”, while “SHIFT D” creates full copies - which I guess produces additional memory overhead.

…I feel this must be said (yet again):

The BGE is relativelly fast, but you can’t just chuck 20 light sources, and 200,000 poly meshes, all with 1024x1024 textures, and expect things to work at 60fps. I’ve seen some really obscene things people just throw in, completelly oblivious to the insanity they’re forcing the engine to digest.

People need to get that “still rendering” thought pattern out of their head when dealing with a real-time engine.

The track to actuator makes the object face the other object, not jump to the location. Along with that actuator, you’ll need a motion actuator to make the object move forward.

[quote=Social;1161321] Also, did you create multiple instances of any one object with “ALT D” or “SHIFT D”? Only “ALT D” creates “instances”, while “SHIFT D” creates full copies - which I guess produces additional memory overhead. hey man, thanks for the tip.

ok so i should delete the head of my player in order to make the game engine go faster?
i understand that would make less polys to quicken up the ge but i kinda need the head in order for him to look human… i added multires, is there anyway i can remove the multires?

By the way, I also heard that ATI video cards don’t seem to handle well blender, personally I got the chance to see blender and the bge on several computers with really different caracteristics and on all of them the performance is diffrenet, independently on wicth one is the best, for example my pc is a athlon xp with 1.3 gigabytes of ram, and a geforce fx 5200 and the bge runs at 60 fps, but a friend has an athlon x2 with a ati radeon X900 (i think, the only sure thing is that his video card is awesome, but I can’t remember the model) with 1 gigabyte of ram and it hardly gets 15 fps, the same game.

Are you using the latest graphics drivers from the manufacturer of your graphics card? If you are using a Microsoft driver, then you will be getting horrible OpenGL support, resulting in incredibly slow framerates. If you have not updated your graphics driver, I suggest you do so before trying anything else.

how and where can i update my graphics driver?

Either www.nvidia.com or www.ati.com.

But seriously dude, if your game is the same one included in your “how do I do FPS gamez” thread, the reason your game is slow is because you have a really awfully modeled (no offense) extremely high poly character. Honestly, for most FPS games people don’t even MODEL the character (notice that in games like Quake when you look down you can’t see your legs). I’m pretty sure that the scene I saw had something like 25000 polys. Just delete the character all together, your players aren’t going to see his face.

I was kidding dude. My point was that I personally add too much detail to faces in the game engine, and is were I start when trying to cut down polys.

i know u were joking i just deleted my player completely, i did wut the fps template has and made the player an invisible cylindeer like plane.