A couple things i'm working on to pracitce different skills in Blender.

the title Basically says it all. So as not to get stale i’m working on different projects to hone different skills in Blender.

first off is a demon/gargoyle type character. i’m working on him to learn more about sculpting, normal maps and bump maps (still working on those now so it’s just an unsculpted mesh atm)

2nd is a phoenix. it’s practice for learning about the hair particles and the smoke/fire sim

finally there’s another MMA fight i’ll be working on to practice animation techniques along with compositing, particles, arrays, lighting and more texturing and normal maps n such. right now i only have the arena done and here’s a pic and lil vid of the cage itself

the lighting isn’t where i want it yet so lots of work there aswell to go

would love any advice and constructive criticism.

Looks great! Keep up the good work

thanks i’m glad you like em so far. :slight_smile:

Here’s some wires of an MMA fighter that will be used in the fight animation.
It’s a going to be a base template that i’ll make a couple fighters from.


Here are the fighter models that will be used in the MMA fight animation. They were chosen for having the highest rated fight during an MMA MMO sim game called MMA Tycoon.

first off Jon Jones, character pic first then the pic of the model i made. The model was made using the base mesh that i posted earlier in wireform. The skin and clothing textures are next on the agenda for em.

2nd Ric Flair

Great video game characters ! I love that pheonix.

I know i’m horrible at keeping up with WIP threads, but here’s an update for the MMA fight animation. a few test animations.