A Crab's Last Moments

Hi :slight_smile:

I guess it’s time to call this finished. I used procedural textures for everything except the crab and the foot. Used Blender’s composite nodes for compositing and Gimp for post pro (just a tiny bit :D). All comments and crits are more than welcome.


(Higher resolution version)

And here’s a screenshot of the nodes setup if anybody’s interested:


I hope you all like it :smiley:


The picture has nice depth of field and I love the expression on the crab. I’m clinging to hope that he makes a mad-dash zip exit before the foot comes down.

The lighting makes it look like it’s indoors more than a sunny day at the beach, but otherwise, I think it looks great.:slight_smile:

Can you rotate the foot a bit more? I didn’t read it as a foot at first. Maybe just rotate it counter-clockwise about 25 degrees?

Captain Jack: Thanks. I admit that I struggled a lot with the lighting and texturing, but I was going for a ‘cloudy’ rather than a sunny day at the beach.

Trevj: I guess I don’t have enough time at the moment to go back and render all the passes again just to rotate the foot a little bit. But I’ll do it if more people have a problem with that. Thanks anyway.

Yeah, lighting can be a real toughie. I tend to oversaturate outdoor scenes and end up with ugly shadows, and I make my indoor scenes too even, so that the light always looks artificial.

I know that even on a cloudy day, the lighting from above tends to be brighter than the ambient-lit shadows, which the eye adjusts for but the camera doesn’t. If I had to pick one thing that makes the lighting look not-quite-on in this image it would be the hard shadow on the crab. The diffuse lighting in the rest of the scene has the cloudy look, but it almost looks like there’s an aritificial light close to the crab. An area light with a spread out shadow (lots of samples, far away, use ray traced shadows, and be patient :)) might give you more of the look you’re going for in that type of image.

Somebody else in another thread recommended this web site. I bought the guy’s book, and I’ve really learned a lot about lighting in general from it, and I really recommend it.

Still, I think it’s a great picture, and I’m still chuckling over the look an the crab’s face.

“A Crab’s Last Moments” or “A Foot’s Last Moments” … :slight_smile:

Great work, the sandcastle looks awsome as well as the tongue and the eyes. It’s not that obvious what he’s got on his head, this could’ve be more clear if it was positioned a bit differently. The foot and sky look pretty cool too!

I like it, though I agree the foot needs to be rotated slightly. And to be honest I don’t think that a bare foot would be that much of a threat to a crab that size. How about a big hobnail boot?

Concur about the foot. I didn’t read it as a foot at first. Great image. And that crab is way to cute to be wiped out in his first appearance on the scene!

It could also be a foot’s last moments! :wink:

“Yeee-e-e-e-e-OUCH!!” :smiley:

Captain Jack: Thanks for the advice. I’ll try it and see if I can get a better result.

Roger: I’m glad that you like it. And by the way he’s got swimming goggles on his head.

Paul J: C’mon. Who would wear a big hobnail boot at the beach?!!

Orinoco: Thanks, glad you like it. I’ll try to rotate the foot a bit.

sundialsvc4: Yeah, that’s gotta hurt :wink:

I like it! It´s very clear picture. But maybe that foot is little too thick or maybe that angle keeps me confused, I don´t know. but anyway, 4 stars for me!



Good point. Diver’s weighted boot?

Nah, that won’t work either.

This is working much better than the first one you posted! I like it

What are the yellow things on the crab’s head? Also - from a static image perspective (heh) the crab’s expression borders on robotic response… it doesn’t feel too animated if that makes sense. I would think the eyes would be more squinted, anticipating the crush, it would be more crouched down or the right claw would be more extended to key-up the shock a little more.

Just my thought. I’ve been doing a ton of research into the cartoony-animation stuff lately, so action/reaction is something I’m really focused on right now. (not GOOD at, but just focused on).

Great job overall - my comment is just a minor thing. Don’t take it to heart.

neablo: Thanks for the comment.

beau: Wow, I never saw that one coming. To be honest I expected crits on modeling, compositing, definitely lighting and texturing, but not the expression. It seems that I forgot the simplest ultra basic rule of toony style: It’s all about exaggeration. Thanks for reminding me. I’ll keep that in mind in the future

PS: I replaced the image in the first post with a better quality one. I also posted a higher resolution version. So please check the first post.


heh , good idea

I definitely like the foot better in the second position. However, it’s sort of floating flat-footed (to use some excessive alliteration). Is it rigged? It would look more like an actual step in motion if you rotated the foot up maybe 20-30 degrees at the ankle, and rotated the toes upward as well. That might make it look like more of an accidental, rather than deliberate, crab-stomping.

I’ve gotta second beau’s crit: what are the yellow things on the crab’s head? I like the color, cause they reflect the yellow on the bucket in the background, but it’s tough to see what they are. Goggles, maybe? Doesn’t look like they have lenses though.

I really like the texture and lighting on the castle, the sky/ocean background, and the DOF blur. Nice job.


Thank you guys for the comments and crits. I really appreciate it. I haven’t got enough time to work on this again but I’ll keep your comments in mind in my future work.